How to Disney-fy Your Oscar Party

Do your Oscar party plans need more magic? Well, call us the Fairy Godmother because we have some ideas for you! Just be sure to get home by midnight.

Wreck-It Ralph Pixel Placemat

Wreck It Ralph Pixel Placemat
We know you’re (ideally) too mature to need a placemat, but a movie about throwback games deserves some throwback crafting. Besides, when is the last time you ate on something pixeled?

Weird Girl and Mr. Whiskers 3-D Papercraft

Weird Girl and Mr. Whiskers 3D Papercraft
Do Tim Burton proud and sprinkle some Weird Girl papercrafts around the apartment. Then, practice your best, breathy, unblinking Weird Girl impression to impress your friends. If you need help, watch the Mr. Whiskers Had a Dream About You clip.

Hot Dog Mummies

Hot Dog Mummies Recipe
This is technically a Halloween recipe, but Frankenweenie feels a bit Halloween-ish, no? Besides, nothing represents Frankenweenie better than an un-dead (hot) dog. Someone pass the mustard.

Scottish Sweet Buns

Scottish Sweet Buns
Your guests will eat these up faster than Harris, Hubert, and Hamish.

Pin the Tail on Sparky

Pin the Tail on Sparky
This might be considered a kids’ game, but believe us, it hasn’t gotten any easier with age. The winner should get to bring home a plate of these Sparky cookies.

Sugar Cone Race Kart

Sugar Cone Race Kart
The real race will be seeing who can wait the longest to eat their kart after putting it together.

Sparky Cake Pops

Sparky Cake Pops Frankenweenie
For the extra-crafty, we recommend these Sparky Cake Pops. Bonus: the cake inside is GREEN.

Chocolate Bear Paws

Chocolate Bear Paws Brave
If you had the chance to eat this cookie, would ya?

Happy Oscars! Remember, if you see a cute guy or gal at the party, try to catch their attention with a paper airplane. We’ve seen it work.

p.s. Have you downloaded the official Oscar app for 2013 yet?

Posted 5 years Ago
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