The OMD Wreck-It Ralph Awards

Oh My Disney’ers… where we’re from, everyone has a winner within. So, at this time, we will be presenting our own awards to the many cameos in the Oscar-nominated feature film, Wreck-It Ralph. These performances are nothing short of off-the-chain and we just wanted to make sure that each character could have his or her own moment in the spotlight. So, let’s hear it for them:

Least Likely to Lose Their Mind
Q'Bert Wreck-It Awards
This award goes to our 61-year-old friend Q’Bert. His speech bubble thoughts let us know that his mind is right where it’s supposed to be. (Sometimes we’re not so sure about ourselves before we’ve had coffee, but that’s another story.)

Best Eyes
M.Bison Wreck-It Awards
If we had to give this vicious dictator’s eyes a color, we’d have to say that color would be… glowing. Just take a look into M. Bison’s eyes and then try not to take a look into them again. Kind of hard to do isn’t it? They’re rather mesmerizing.

Most Likely to Be a Professional Athlete
Neff Wreck-It Awards
Let’s just take a look at this big purple rhino for a moment. First, Neff is covered in armor. Second, he knows all about being an “Altered Beast.” And third, we think he’d make a name for himself (especially in a sport with a pig-skin).

Best Dressed
Gene Wreck-It Awards
Let’s zoom in on how our clean-shaven friend Gene, the mayor of Niceland, stays fresh. The two button cardigan with the matching skinny tie is quite the look, wouldn’t you say? And for extra freshness, check out the shine on the shoes!

Least Likely to Hurt a Fly
Zangief Wreck-It Awards
We know this one seems surprising, well, unless you’ve heard his speech about the difference between being a bad guy and being a *bad* guy? It’s quite the moment of clarity. Crushing people between thighs like sparrow egg might be Zangief’s go-to move, but we know he’s much more than a bone-crusher.

Best Hall Monitor

Sonic Wreck-it Awards
Most of us know how great this blue speedster is at snatching up gold rings (at lightning speed), but he is also great at making sure people know the dangers of leaving their own game. Sonic the Hedgehog sure does know the importance of staying alert and alive.

Least Likely To Host An Award Show
Surge Protector Wreck-it Ralph
We would think that a giant amount of fun and enthusiasm would make him the perfect host, but we would be concerned that Surge Protector might pick up the wrong clipboard or envelope. That would be bad news bears.

Posted 5 years Ago
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