Disney Couples That Would Have Never Worked

For some Disney characters and would-be couples, we’re thankful their stars were never crossed.

White Queen and Edward

disney characters couples white queen edward
Match made in gene pool heaven, right? They both live in faraway lands, but we’re not sure how well Edward could stomach buttered fingers.


Kuzco and Rapunzel

disney characters couples kuzco rapunzel
Pro: No lever needed with Rapunzel’s hair.
Con: Kuzco’s earrings would always ensnare her hair.


Dory and Flounder

disney characters couples dory flounder
He hates sharks. She befriends them. Not a good sign if you can’t share mutual friends.


Tarzan and Tinker Bell

disney characters couples tarzan tinker bell
They both have an affinity for nature, green and are somewhat silent when you first meet them. But only Jane could tame this wild jungle man. And we all know where Tinker Bell’s heart truly lies.


Giselle and Bert

disney characters couples giselle bert
They’re both dreamers, but Giselle may be a bit too supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. In every sense of the word.


Hades and Ursula

disney characters couples hades ursula
They both have an affinity for water, with a splash of morbidity. And we’ve always wanted to see how an evil couple would pair up. But this isn’t it.


Hercules and Pocahontas

disney characters couples pocahontas hercules
They both use inanimate things to talk to their elders. But he’s ready to settle down in his prime real estate in Greece, and she’s ready to take off with each new color of the wind.


The Queen and Gaston

disney characters couples queen gaston

This couple would simply be vanity overload. We can’t even handle that much ego together.


Bianca and Emile

disney characters couples bianca emile
And then there’s this. Opposites may attract. But not here. End of story.


Posted 8 years Ago
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