Mysterious as the Dark Side of the Moon: Mulan Metaphors

If you ask us, Mulan is one of those rare movies that is both entertaining and educational.


Case in point: the movie is chock full of amazing, and insightful, metaphors that we’re going to point out now. You know, in case you missed them. (Okay fine, we just really like these metaphors.) Bonus: maybe you can start using them in your everyday life. People will think you well-versed and shall celebrate your unparalleled taste in movies; both good things in our book.


“You must be swift as the coursing river.” – Li Shang
shang_mulan_darkside of the moon
Can’t step in the same river twice, guys. Those currents can turn on your faster than a matchmaker turns a sow’s ear into a silk purse. Swiftness is a totally legit skill. We approve.


“No matter how the wind howls, the mountain cannot bow to it.” – Emperor
emporer_mulan_darkside of the moon
Woah. The emperor totally just blew our minds. This is powerful stuff. As if we weren’t rooting for Mulan and crew before (we were), this totally cemented it.


“With all the force of a great typhoon.” – Li Shang
mulan_1_darkside of the moon
Typhoons are super powerful and intimidating. So, if you’re training to be a warrior we think they’re a good weather system to emulate. Definitely more fear-inducing than say, light rain.


“What beautiful blossoms we have this year. But look, this one’s late. I’ll bet that when it blooms it will be the most beautiful of all.” – Fa Zhou
fa_zhou_mulan_darkside of the moon
Sigh. What a great pep talk from Fa Zhou. You better believe Mulan turns out to be the most beautiful of all (inside and out).


“With all the strength of a raging fire.” – Li Shang
chi_fu_mulan_darkside of the moon
Who would want to go to battle against a fire? Not us. It would be hot, smoky, and impossible to control. So yeah, we’d want the strength of a raging fire! Duh.


“Tranquil as a forest, but a fire within.” – Li Shang
shang_mulan_2_darkside of the moon
Once you find your center, you are sure to win. (We couldn’t help ourselves. This song is seriously catchy.)


“Please look kindly on these cultured pearls, each a perfect porcelain doll.” – Matchmakers
mulan_2_darkside of the moon
Okay, this is one metaphor that gets it totally wrong. Mulan isn’t a porcelain doll, she’s a take-no-prisoners, I-am-woman-hear-me-roar, I-just-beat-the-huns, fabulous lady. No points for the matchmakers (scarier than the undertaker, indeed) on this one. Get hip to the Han Dynasty, ladies.


“Mysterious as the dark side of the moon.” – Li Shang
shang_mulan_darkside of the moon
This one really hits a home run. Even the lighter side of the moon is pretty mysterious. So, we’re pretty much shaking in our proverbial boots over here. 10 points to Shang.


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Posted 5 years Ago
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