How To Deal With a Difficult Stitch-uation

We may have had it wrong all these years. Taking the high road is usually encouraged, but Stitch has a refreshingly real take on how to deal with tricky situations. Maybe we need a little more alien in us since Stitch’s strategies are spot on.

stitch with flowers
Life can be chaotic. Touch a flower and be calm. Go ahead, lay on the floor. It’s encouraged.

stitch rolling in a ball
Let’s all try this sometime. It looks very effective for ending a conversation. Or starting one.

stitch making fun of jumba
For the humorous folk, this an option. Situation TBD.

stitch as elvis
Ah, the healing power of music. This works with air guitar, too.

stitch as a superhero
Dress as a superhero. It doesn’t matter what the context, you win every time.

stitch needs desserts
You will never run out of dessert. Life problem solved.

And just because this always seems the right thing to do:
stitch rolling in a ball

Posted 5 years Ago
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