We’re going to go out on a sartorial limb for a second and say something a bit bold: it’s not always the Disney Princes that don the best duds. Real talk, the best menswear can usually be found in some unexpected places on some unassuming dudes. So, we take a moment to salute the secretly best dressed Disney guys.


Roger Radcliffe

Roger Menswear
Those sweater vests and perfectly tailored slacks of Roger’s really suit his lanky, awkwardness. (Trust us, that was a compliment.) He’s supposed to come across as a scruffy, ill-kept bachelor before he meets Anita, but we’re all for those tweed jackets and snappy looking oxfords. Gentlemen, take a lesson from Roger: when in doubt, roll those shirt sleeves up a good three-quarters. Boom, style.


Carl Fredricksen

Disney Menswear Carl


Disney menswear Carl and Ellie
He might be elderly and a tad grouchy, but as Russell discovers, Carl doesn’t need any assistance, and that goes for his style sense too. Ties are on their way back, fellas, so look no further than the first few minutes of Up to get some neckwear inspiration from our favorite classy classic, Carl.


Jack Sparrow

Disney Menswear Jack Sparrow
Jack Sparrow is the king of not trying, which is the best way to have the most style. Looking as though he ran through his closet and put on everything he could grab, his signature attire is of the eclectic, bohemian sort that only Captain Jack could pull off. It’s a hard look to nail, but when it works, it just works, hair beads, silver tooth and all.


Prince Eric

Disney Menswear Prince Eric
Okay, okay. Prince Eric is, of course, a prince. But riches and power aside, he still knows how to dress. Eric is all about the simple blue jeans-look paired with a white shirt, which is in style in any kingdom, any era. He’s proof that there’s no need for fancy jackets, capes, and crowns if you can master that white shirt/blue pants combo.


Flynn Rider

Disney menswear Flynn Rider
Flynn’s style somehow reflects his scrappy ingenuity and sense of adventure. White shirt: check. Clunky, outdoorsy boots: check. Earthy vest: check. But what really elevates Flynn’s style is that cool leather satchel. True, it takes some savviness to assemble an inspiring menswear ensemble, but accessorizing it is even more of a challenge, and Flynn seems to know what he’s doing.


Thomas (Pocahontas)

Disney Menswear Thomas Pocahontas
We’re attributing this menswear win half to that jaunty cap, and half to the fact that Thomas is voiced by Christian Bale. True, Thomas doesn’t end up being our favorite character by the end of this film, but we still tip our hats to Thomas for his noteworthy choice in headwear.



Disney menswear Bert Mary Poppins
Dress him up in pastel stripes or dress him down for some rooftop exploration, Bert’s attire is flawless either way. The key to Bert’s style are his subtle P.O.C.s (also known as pop of color). When he’s dancing alongside his penguin pals, we all noticed those cornflower blue socks peeking out from his perfectly pressed white pants. Later, when he’s taking a turn as a chimney sweep, the dapper red handkerchief about his neck adds some personality to an otherwise drab work outfit.


Mickey Mouse at CA Adventure on Dapper Day

Disney Menswear Mickey Mouse
Let it be known that classic is always cool, and no one is more classic than Mickey Mouse. Put Mickey in tweed trousers and some statement suspenders, and our collective hearts melt with menswear appreciation. Well done, Mickey.


George from Paperman

Disney Menswear George Paperman
George heeds the advice we gave earlier on: roll them sleeves, boys! The day suit is great, we totally appreciate that skinny and slightly crooked tie, and of course we are enamored by his paper airplane skills. But when all is said and done, there’s nothing like a perfectly cuffed shirt sleeve to win a girl’s heart.

Posted 7 years Ago
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