The Disneyland Railroad Should be a Mandatory Ride

It’s easy to overlook the Disneyland Railroad. It’s not flashy and new like some other rides we know. If the park is super busy, it might not top your list of must-do rides. We can all agree it comes in handy when our feet are tired after walking through Disneyland all day, sure. But guys, we’ve all been so blind. The Disneyland Railroad is so much more than a mere transportation device. It is an experience. If you make only one promise today we hope it is this: you will go on the Disneyland Railroad at your earliest convenience. You will not regret it. You will kick yourself for missing out on its sheer awesomeness thus far. It is magnificent and, yes, we think it should be mandatory on every visit to Disneyland. EVER. Here’s why:





To experience traveling back to the primeval world of the dinosaurs, make sure to get on the Railroad before—or at—Tomorrowland!


Note: If you get on at Main Street USA you’ll have just missed it. But that’s okay, take the whole loop. If you do, you’ll also see this:

A head? An alligator? Impossibly large flowers? We’re not ever sure what’s happening here. But we know you need to see it.

Posted 5 years Ago
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