You Know You’re a ’90s Disney Kid When…

Hakuna matata is your one and only life motto.
90s Hakuna Matata


You remember seeing the tale as old as time. In theaters. With your parents.
90s Beauty and the Beast


You can still see these pictures if you squint and think real hard.
90s Disney Viewmaster


You grew up wishing The Muses could narrate your life story.
90s Hercules Muses


You know you can win it in a minute when you spin it, spin it, spin it!


You can vividly remember the plot of every episode of Boy Meets World. And you’re still not sure how Mr. Feeny got a job at that university.
90s Boy Meets World


Two words: zetus lapetus.
90s Zenon


You know that the Goof Troop always sticks together.


You spend every October 31st in Halloweentown.
90s Disney Halloweentown


You wished your house was this smart.
90s Smart House


You sometimes find yourself chanting “Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill!”
90s Bill Nye the Science Guy


You remember the internet through the eyes of the Zoogs.
90s Zoog Disney


When you rollerblade, you pretend like you’re Andy Brink Brinker.
90s Disney Brink


You knew Ryan, Justin, Christina, Britney, and Keri back when they were in the MMC.
90s Mickey Mouse Club


You wish you had the skillz of Johnny Tsunami.
90s Johnny Tsunami


You’re “NOT THE MAMA!”
90s Dinosaurs


You know Gummi Bears aren’t just a candy.
90s Gummi Bears


You know all the Duck Tales (♫ oo-woo-oo! ♫).
90s Duck Tales


You knew you’d never have a friend like Genie, but Robin Williams made it seem so fun!
90s Genie Aladdin


You’re of the only generation that associates ducks with danger.
90s Darkwing Duck


You were all about the 3D costume cutouts.
90s Disney cutouts


You associate major life decisions with rivers. (And you know you can’t step in the same one twice.)
90s Pocahontas


You were there for “To Infinity” before it went Beyond.
90s Buzz Lightyear


Your gaming obsession can be traced back to these.
90s Aladdin Handheld
90s Lion King handheld


You hear this in sing-song: “One Saturday Morning!”
90s One Saturday Morning


You know what to do.
90s Disney Sing Along


You know it’s a seed, okay.
90s Dot and Flik A Bug's Life


You had one of those puffy autograph books and you were a professional at filling it.
90s Disney autographs


Stand Out is still your “get pumped” song.
90s Stand Out A Goofy Movie


You’ve always wanted to (or, let’s be real, you already did) Rafiki your pet.
90s The Lion King Rafiki


You remember thinking “What’s Mrs. Potts doing in my favorite song sequence from Tarzan?”
90s Tarzan


You practiced reading with these.
90s Disney Adventures


You wanted to find your way into the Hunchback of Notre Dame so you could befriend Quasimodo.
90s Hunchback of Notre Dame


You knew exactly when to flip these tapes over to hear the rest of the story.
90s Disney Tapes


The Sanderson sisters still haunt your dreams.
90s Hocus Pocus


You still own VHS copies of The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast. Also Hercules. Oh, and Pocahontas.
90s VHS Disney


Your childhood wardrobe looked a lot like this. (Sometimes at the beach, sometimes on Halloween, and sometimes just because you felt like dressing up like Aurora while you were reading on the couch.)
90s Disney Childhood


When you have something big to accomplish you sing ♫ Let’s get down to business… ♫ to yourself.
90s Mulan


You know who this girl is and why she has her own song.
90s Pepper Ann


If you’re a 90s Disney kid, know that you’re in good company. We recommend reliving the glory days with heavy doses of sing-alongs, the knowledge that Girl Meets World is coming to Disney Channel in the future, and repeated True to Your Heart dance parties.

Posted 9 years Ago
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