Disney Dance Moves are the Best Dance Moves

Confession: we dance. A lot. There are an infinite number of options when it comes to choosing how to bust a move. Since we’re dancing machines by nature, we thought we’d break it down into a few dance moves that are guaranteed to make you the life of the party. It doesn’t matter whether you are out and about, or in the comfort of your home, here’s how you groove Disney-style:

Start it off with the Fix It Felix Jr.
Dance Moves Fix it Felix

Then break it down with Baloo
Dance Moves Baloo

Get ballroom on it
Beauty and the Beast Dance Moves

And then more Jungle Boogie
The Jungle Book Dance Moves

Before you slow it down like an Aristocat
Aristocrat Dance Moves

Then turn to the hula (#turningpun)
Lilo & Stitch Dance Moves

And walk it out like a fox
Robin Hood Dance Moves

Add a little shoulder attitude
The Hunchback of Notre Dame Dance Moves

And spin like you’re living happily ever after
Sleeping Beauty Dance Moves

In space
Wall-E and EVE Dance Moves

… then the grand finale.
Buzz Lightyear and Jessie Dance Moves

Now that’s how you do the Disney!

Snow White Dance Moves


Posted 5 years Ago
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