Another week has begun. It’s Monday morning again. We’re all warm and snuggly and enjoying our REM sleep and then BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP. Alarm alert.

Cue the “just five more minutes” moment.
Monday Cinderella Wake Up

After snoozing it up, we actually have to get out of bed. We’ve been Monday morning’d and we’re wishing we could press pause and doze a bit longer. But, c’est la vie. We’re up now.

We have to admit, we’re awake and all, but the beginning of the week often feels like this:

Mondays don’t always stick the landing.
Monday Albatross Landing The Rescuers

And things can go awry.
Monday Bambi Falling

We’re just not quite smooth yet.
Monday Tarzan Belly Flop

And our best laid plans get foiled.
Monday Pocahontas Hummingbird

Sometimes it feels like we’ve fallen on our faces.
Monday Flynn Falling Tangled

Because we haven’t quite hit the ground running.
Monday Aladdin falling

And things are never quite as easy as we’d hoped.
Monday Lady Door Lady and the Tramp

And there’s maybe just a little too much happening.
Monday Zazu Lion King

We appreciate help attempts from others, even if they don’t work.
Monday Anita and Roger One Hundred and One Dalmatians

Because just when it seems like things are headed in a less-than-ideal direction…
Monday Sleeping Beauty Cake

We pour ourselves some caffeine…
Monday March Hare Tea

And get down to business.
Monday Mulan Get Down To Business

The rest of the week is coming. And now that we’ve gotten the Monday mornings out of our system, we’re ready to tackle anything that comes our way. Move over, Monday and lookout, Tuesday. We’re here.
Monday Oliver and Company Fabulous

Posted 9 years Ago
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