Buzzing Around Disneyland

We interrupt this regularly scheduled blog post for a special message straight from Star Command. Everyone’s favorite toy—err, Space Ranger—has been dispatched to the Disneyland Resort for a top secret mission: Operation: F.U.N. Set your turbo boosters to maximum power as we take a trip down to the Happiest Place on Earth.


The saying goes, “you’ve got a friend in me.” Looks like Buzz Lightyear has also got a friend in his ticket. Coincidence? Or strategic coordination by the Green Army Men?
Buzz Lightyear Disneyland Ticket


Ladies and gentlemen, please keep your hands, arms, and terillium-carbonic alloy space suits in the tram at all times.
Buzz Lightyear Tram


To Main Street U.S.A. and beyond!
Buzz Lightyear Mainstreet


Usually AA batteries will do, but a trip to Disneyland requires a super energy boost. Pancakes please!
Buzz Lightyear Breakfast


Always good to start the day in familiar territories and/or galaxies.
Buzz Lightyear Tomorrowland


Some consider it flying through space, others consider it falling with style. Either way, it’s an astronomically fun ride.
Buzz Lightyear Space Mountain


You thought Mr. Potato Head’s jokes were rough, but he’s got nothing on the Jungle Cruise skippers.
Buzz Lightyear Jungle Cruise


If only Mrs. Nesbitt were around, Buzz could have a proper tea party. Macaroons and all…
Buzz Lightyear Macaroon


Buzz can fly… especially with the help of Fettuccini floating tires.
Buzz Lightyear Vinylmation


Buzz Lightyear Luigi


Toy Story reunion!
Buzz Lightyear Mr. Potato Head


No one can resist the temptation of a bread bowl, not even this First Class Space Ranger.
Buzz Lightyear Bread Bowl


The World of Color can be summed up easily: oooOOOooo.
Buzz Lightyear Ferris Wheel


Mission accomplished, everyone. Now, anyone remember what floor we parked the spaceship on?


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Posted 5 years Ago
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