Fantasy Faire: Where All Our Princess Dreams Come True

There’s this new thing called Fantasy Faire at Disneyland. We went, and we met the Disney princesses. We were treated like ones. And it was magical.

Let’s cover the basics here: You can see the Disney princesses at the Royal Hall. You can see the most adorable princesses-in-training twirling around and feeling right at home. You can see theater shows and animal sidekicks. And all the boys are called “princes,” and all the girls are called “princesses.” Simply enchanting. What we love most about a day at Fantasy Faire:


Princess Hugs

You are literally engulfed in princess love. Can we please just be best friends, Cinderella?

disney princess cinderella at fantasy faire


The Neighbors: Tangled Tower and Sleeping Beauty Castle

Just look how close Rapunzel and Aurora are to each other. It’s just a hair throw away (for Rapunzel at least).

disney princess tangled tower at fantasy faire


Twirl with Aurora

There’s no better way to perfect your princess etiquette than with with a real-life professional.

disney princess aurora at fantasy faire


The Royal Theatre

Theatre is meant to be enjoyed in regal attire while cheering on your friends Rapunzel and Belle.

disney princess royal theatre at fantasy faire


Belle. In Real Life.

We may or may not have squealed for a full minute or two when we saw Belle. She is just so magical and beautiful and stylish and friendly and . . . okay, we’ll stop.

disney princess belle at fantasy faire



And the best cameo goes to Figaro, who just wants to take a nap.

disney princess figaro at fantasy faire


Shopping at the Fantasy Faire

Dreams do come true. We’ve secretly always wanted to Princess-ify our wardrobes, and now every beautiful dress, shiny shoe, sparkly tiara and silky glove are literally at (or on) our fingertips.

disney princess clothing at fantasy faire


The Princess Treatment

disney princess merida at fantasy faire

You don’t even have to hold the umbrella. In Fantasy Faire, you aren’t simply treated like a princess: you are a princess.


What are you waiting for? Join in the Fantasy Faire fun.


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Posted 5 years Ago
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