Merry Unbirthday to (Almost All of) You

One of them may be mad, and the other one may be madder, but the Mad Hatter and the March Hare totally have the right idea. You have but one birthday a year. But you’ve 364 unbirthdays.

If you treat each day like an unbirthday celebration, you’ll always have a purpose for pomp and circumstance. It’s a flawless plan, really. To help get you in the unbirthday mindset, we took the liberty of making some GIFs out of our most favorite parts of this scene between Alice in Wonderland and her best tea party pals. We’ve also included ways you can use these GIFs as celebration inspiration.

Enjoy. (And Merry Unbirthday!)

Alice in Wonderland 1
Pro tip from these two: Pointing is always festive.

Alice in Wonderland 2
Take “cheers” to a whole new level. Bonus points for not spilling if you attempt this at home.

Alice in Wonderland 3
Step one: Begin to sing. Step two: Have matching hats. Step three: Be awesomer than anyone has ever been.

Alice in Wonderland
We hate it when this happens. But don’t let a stuck tea cup ruin the fun. The party must go on!

Alice in Wonderland 4
If there’s an unbirthday party hiccup or issue, try to look this cool while you’re solving it.

Alice in Wonderland 5
When all else fails, get kooky.

Alice in Wonderland 6
Lead tea kettles in song. Duh.

Alice in Wonderland 6
Make sure you’ve counted all your guests correctly. You want enough party favors to go around!

Alice in Wonderland 8
Unbirthdays are best when dancing around in a circle with a giant cake on your head. They just are. We don’t make the rules. The Mad Hatter does.

Alice in Wonderland 9
Fireworks are a must.

Alice in Wonderland 10
And a Dormouse that rhymes. That’s also a must.

Alice in Wonderland 11
Pouring tea should be done as efficiently as possible. It can get cold, you know.

Alice in Wonderland 12
Also refreshments. Anything is good when dunked in tea.

Alice in Wonderland 13
Don’t forget, if you encounter a clean cup, you must MOVE DOWN MOVE DOWN MOVE DOWN.

Alice in Wonderland 13
Well done, friends!

P.S. If it happens to be anyone’s real birthday today, a hearty Happy (real) Birthday! We’re sorry it’s not your unbirthday, but never fear: it will be tomorrow.

Posted 5 years Ago
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