Cheshire Cat: What the What?

Alice in Wonderland’s Cheshire Cat is one confusing feline. We have some questions. Like, is this cat really from Cheshire? How did he get to Wonder (Under) land? What’s up with his teeth? Does he eat catnip? Anyways, we digress. As Alice’s in-the-know dad puts it, “I didn’t know cats could smile.” Neither did we, Alice’s dad. Neither did we. And frankly, it gives us the creeps. So, to get past our issues, we’ve attempted to work out what in the world the Cheshire Cat is actually all about. Join us, won’t you?

So, one time, the Cheshire Cat said: “It looks like you ran afoul of something with wicked claws.”
We might’ve just said: “Alice, are you okay? Nasty cut you got there.” But hey, we’re down with artistic license.

Then he noted: “All this talk of blood and slaying has put me off my tea.”
Hatter_Alice In Wonderland_Cheshire_Cat
Well, duh.

Next, he mused to the Mad Hatter: “What’s wrong with you? You used to be life the of the party. You used to do the best futterwhack in all of Wit’s End.”
March Hare_Alice in Wonderland_Cheshire Cat
Huh? We now have a headache after trying to understand that statement. And we’re guessing the March Hare does as well.

And what about that time when he was super excited at the prospect of getting the Hatter’s hat after his execution? (He told the Hatter this in his jail cell awaiting said execution.) Seems harsh to us.*
Cheshire_Cat1_Alice in Wonderland
*Okay, we know this is all part of a clever plan to save the Hatter, but come on, Ches. Why not just tell him that you’re there to save him? Sheesh.

Then, he noted: “It’s a pity about about all this…I was looking forward to seeing you futterwhacking.”
Cheshire_Cat 2_Alice in Wonderland
Okay, what’s with the futterwhacking obsession?? At this point, we’re getting concerned.

And finally, when he said: “Goodbye, sweet hat.”
Cheshire_Cat 3_Alice in Wonderland
We were like, step off, dude. It’s not your hat.

Posted 7 years Ago
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