Happy St. Patrick’s Day! To celebrate this greenest of holidays, we’ve compiled a list of some Disney characters that make green look good. Take a gander, and try to tell us that green doesn’t equal fabulous. We dare you.

Mike Wazowski
Mike’s particular shade of green is just neon enough to be retro-fab.

Fauna_Sleeping Beauty_Green
Fauna was dressing in green centuries before it was cool. A trendsetter with a magic wand? How can we become BFFs?

Tinker Bell
Tinker_Bell_Peter Pan_Green
Tink’s style speaks for itself. Cute, fresh, fun. Another fairy we not-so-secretly want to befriend.

(Shown here with Miss Piggy as to not upset her.) Kermit is the original. A pioneer for other green characters wanting to break into the business. The road can’t always have been easy. So Kermit, thank you for being green. You, sir, are a hero.

Pascal can change colors, but green is his default, and we think it suits him best. He’s the only character we can think of that pulls off adorably-no-nonsense with flair. So he gets extra points.

Toy Story Aliens
If we were ever to venture to a Pizza Planet, it would, in part, be for the pizza. But mostly, we would be there to snag one of these delightful, claw-loving, and, of course, green, little dudes.

Tiana and Naveen

Tiana and Naveen_Princess and the Frog_Green

Tiana can’t escape being green. First, the girl is turned into a frog (no offense, Kermit). Then, she gets a gorgeous green dress which coordinates perfectly with her Prince’s outfit (who was also a frog). There’s almost too much green going on here. Almost.

Peter Pan
Head-to-toe green isn’t an easy look to pull off. Luckily, Peter is in Never Land where fashion matters less than fighting Captain Hook, growing up, and having a bedtime. So we applaud Peter’s bold use of green on green.

Ray_Princess and the Frog_Green
Lots of bugs are green, but we don’t love lots of bugs like we love Ray.

Robin Hood
Robin is especially daring since he pairs green with his reddish-fur. A risk that might not work on the average fox, but–as we know–Robin Hood is not an average fox.

Squirt_Finding Nemo_Green
Squirt wins for cutest green. That is all.

Oogie Boogie
Oogie_Boogie_Nightmare Before Christmas_Green
Oogie’s green is kind of, well, oogie. It’s questionable, dangerous, and stuffed with bugs. We’ll admire from a distance on this one.

Louis_Princess and the Frog_Green
Louis is the greenest jazz-playing alligator in the Bayou (yes, there’s… probably more than one). We love his oh-so-cool style. His shade of green screams, “I’m super awesome.” Yes, Louis. Yes, you are.

Ariel_The Little Mermaid_Green
Ariel’s fin is a lovely green that sparkles in the sun when she disobeys King Triton and goes up to shore. That doesn’t really have anything to do with the fact that it’s green, but what can you do.

We like to think that St. Patrick’s Day is the green holiday that keeps on giving! So green it up like these characters. You’ll get compliments galore. And green is totally this year’s color, so everyone will think you’re a style icon. Awesome.

Posted 5 years Ago
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