“Mad”est Disney Characters

March is almost over, and if you ask us, that’s madness. In fact, there’s lots of madness in the month of March. Case in point: we’re going to show you the “mad”est of the mad Disney characters. Why? Cause it’s March, of course. And what do we mean by mad? Well, mostly we’re defining it as maybe not the soundest of judgement. A little wacky, a little kooky, and a little much. Let’s say they took a left turn somewhere along the road. Just for fun, we’re going to rate these characters on the imaginary scale of madness. You might be asking yourself, is OMD a little mad? Probably. Like we said, March does that to us.

Captain Hook
captain_hook_Peter Pan_madness
Hook lives his life in fear of a Crocodile, is tormented by clocks, and his arch-nemeses are a group of kids. We feel like he creates conflict where there doesn’t have to be any. He gets a 6/10 on the madness scale.


Cruella De Vil
cruella_de_vil_101 Dalmatians_madness
If only Cruella could have changed her vision and coveted coats made out of recycled plastic, she could’ve been a revolutionary. But alas, she wanted puppies and nothing else. We cannot endorse any part of that, Cruella. 8/10.


Donald Duck
Donald is, without a doubt, one of our favorite ducks. He has a temper, but his outbursts are cute, unintelligible, and entertaining. He gets a 3/10.


Mother Gothel
Obsessed with staying young, at any cost. Mother Gothel is devious, but pretty clever. She gets a 5/10 on the scale.


maleficent_sleeping beauty_madness
This one’s a bit preoccupied by a baby. Live your life, Maleficent! Don’t let this baby make you crazy. Just move on, you know? Be happy. Even the raven knows you’d be better off that way. 7/10.


Dude was obsessed with finding gold where there wasn’t any to be found (see the dirt above). That’s a lot of work for a thing that isn’t real. Although his song is really catchy, we’re giving him a 7/10 on the scale.


ursual_floatsam_jetsam_the little mermaid_madness
Ursula can hold a grudge. Seriously. Triton only took away her half of the sea because she totally couldn’t handle the pressure and started being evil and everything. Her best friends include two eels of questionable moral fiber and some mer-people she shrank for no reason. Sigh. 8/10.


Chef Louis
Chef_Louis_The Little Mermaid_Madness
Chef Louis is clearly unstable, and he should not be allowed within a few feet of any sharp objects. We would prescribe a few weeks vacation and a job that doesn’t involve killing anything. 9/10.


Scar_The Lion King_Madness
Scar has a few complexes. Like his desire to become king by killing most of his family. Again, although he has an awesome song, we’re prepared (get it?) to give him a 7/10 on the scale.


gaston_beauty and the beast_madness
Gaston’s world view is kind of skewed. Skewed because in Gaston’s view, he IS the world. He also thinks the above is the proper way to read a book. 8/10.


animal_the muppets_madness
When we first see Animal in The Muppets, he’s in anger management. But he just wants to drum! Music is therapy, so drum, Animal! Drum! 7/10.


Another villain on a bit of a power trip. Jafar is mad in a we-have-no-idea-what-this-guy-is gonna-do-next kind of way. He’s scary. Just look at those eyes. 9/10.


Mad Hatter
Mad_Hatter_Alice in Wonderland_Madness
We couldn’t make this list without including the Hatter. He was mad before it was cool. Way before. We’d go to his tea party any day of the week. He gets a 10 out of 10 on the mad scale (in the best way possible). Compared to the others on this scale, you could also say he gets a 1 because his madness is just plain charming.

Posted 6 years Ago
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