We’d Love to Sing Karaoke With These Disney Characters

We here at OMD are big fans of karaoke. Grab a few friends, get some good tunes, and you’ve got yourself a party! You know what would be even better? Karaoke with Disney characters. Bam.



We'd Love to Sing Karaoke with Genie

Vocal Ability: Genie-ous. Anyone who’s able to sing as this many people in one film is clearly more talented than your average blue dude. Genie’s voice is stellar, whether he is singing as himself or doing one of his many impressions.
Showmanship: He’s a one-man, jazz-hand sensation. In the span of one song, he’s a firecracker, a maitre-d, a turkey, a barber, a dragon, and a genie. Bottom line – your friends can’t do this.
Overall Fun Factor: Pretty much perfection. He also grants wishes, which could come in handy because we’re not maybe the world’s best at the singing thing.


The Muses

We'd Love to Sing Karaoke with The Muses

Vocal Ability: These performances are held in harmony central. You could ride their harmony train to heaven. Each one adds a little dimension and what emerges is nothing short of muse-ically magnificent. (Clearly they make us punnier.)
Showmanship: Whoever choreographed these performances deserves a round of applause. They’re fun, they’re glamorous, and they’re able to be executed from a clay pot painting. Way to work with your surroundings, ladies.
Overall Fun Factor: What takes the fun factor in this group to the next level is there between-song commentary. The jokes are flawless, the perspectives are spot-on, and we wish we’d come up with the term “Hunk-ules” first. Sign us up.



We'd Love to Sing Karaoke with Sebastian

Vocal Ability: He has a smooth, buttery island jam thing going on. And there’s that accent. It just makes everything sound like a great idea.
Showmanship: No one conducts and under the sea band like this crafty crab. He can work with a small venue (see: Kiss the Girl) or an ocean-sized stadium (see: Under the Sea). No one manufactures a magical musical moment quite like Sebastian.
Overall Fun Factor: He can get a little crabby (sorry, we couldn’t resist), but with the right crustacean accompaniment we wouldn’t be shellfish about sharing the stage with him.



We'd Love to Sing Karaoke with Lumiere

Vocal Ability: He’s one french accent above the competition.
Showmanship: Have you seen the choreography for Be Our Guest? Enough said.
Overall Fun Factor: This candlestick’s on fire! But seriously, guys, he’s really quite the performer. He’s Disney’s most flame-ous enchanted object.



We'd Love to Sing Karaoke with Ursula

Vocal Ability: Her voice may be on the raspy side, but she can belt it all the way to the back of the room. (Or, in her case, really creepy soul-stealing cave.)
Showmanship: She has a flair for the dramatic, and knows how to work body language. Also, eight tentacles > two jazz hands.
Overall Fun Factor: We wouldn’t call Ursula “fun,” but she’d probably make for an entertaining back-up singer if she wasn’t in the soul stealing business. We’re a little afraid.


Jack Skellington

We'd Love to Sing Karaoke with Jack Skellington

Vocal Ability: There’s something hauntingly beautiful about this tortured soul’s singing style. Some might say creepy, but we disagree.
Showmanship: He’s shockingly graceful for a skeleton.
Overall Fun Factor: Frightfully fantastic. He has a soft side when he sings that makes him an ideal companion for a duet. (Just ask Sally.)


Pub Thugs

We'd Love to Sing Karaoke with The Pub Thugs

Vocal Ability: Despite the scars and lumps and bruises (and let’s not even mention their complexion), these secret dreamers make gruffness into a vocal art. Professional training, smo-fessional training. Any acapella group would be lucky to have them.
Showmanship: They make use of every stage the Snuggly Duckling has to offer and man their gesticulations are gems. What really sells this show, however, is the surprise dramatics of the old man Pub Thug. He’s got skillz.
Overall Fun Factor: High. Extremely high. Not ideal in delicate venues.



We'd Love to Sing Karaoke with Scar

Vocal Ability: Scar’s voice is really scary. Really. The mere sound of it sends shivers up our spine. But if we’re talking quality, he’s come prepared.
Showmanship: Scar is a lesson in pyrotechnic pizzaz. He really knows how to make an environment work for him. He uses the whole stage (read: gorge) as a secondary player. Well, tertiary if you count his endlessly entertaining hyena backup choir.
Overall Fun Factor: We’d invite Scar, but we’d make him go last. His stage presence can’t be beat, but he’s a spotlight stealer of the first order.


Mad Hatter

We'd Love to Sing Karaoke with Mad Hatter and The March Hare

Vocal Ability: With all the tea flying, it’s hard to focus on these probably-tenors. But when you get past the madness, no one holds a note quite like the March Hare.
Showmanship: They’re great when they’re on but they get easily distracted by Dormice, watches, hats, and curious girls named Alice. We have to give them serious props for the “we’re singing and flawlessly executing a coordinated hat move” situation. Also they pour a whole lotta tea while they’re singing, and that can’t be easy without scalding yourself.
Overall Fun Factor: They can get a bit… repetitive. We tried to count the number of times they said “very merry,” but we don’t think math goes that high. It might be the challenge of a lifetime to get them to sing something other than their signature tune, but their entertainment value is astronomically high.


The Muppets

Vocal Ability: It’s so good that we’re not qualified to comment further.
Showmanship: These guys (and gals) have made their living putting on a show. They’re consummate professionals and we no one could even attempt to claim otherwise.
Overall Fun Factor: On a scale from one to ten, they’re Muppetsational.

Posted 5 years Ago
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