Animals Have Better Date Ideas Than We Do

With so very many options, planning a date can be daunting. No matter if it’s your first date, twenty-second date, or a happily married couple night out, it’s natural to have a mental block when it comes to ways to impress your schmopsie-poo or googley bear. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite Disney animal couples to offer you suggestions:


Romantic Dinner
Bernard and Bianca – The Rescuers Down Under
Bernard and Bianca
Pull up a chair and share a fancy dinner like your favorite members of the Rescue Aid Society, Bernard and Bianca. It may not end up exactly as you had envisioned (this one certainly didn’t for Bernard), but great love doesn’t follow a set path. So, set the table for romance and then be open to the future as it unfolds.


A Trip to the Park
Pongo and Perdita – One Hundred and One Dalmatians
Pongo and Perdita
What could be better than taking a nice afternoon stroll through the park? We’ll tell you what: being taken to the park and ending up falling in love. And helping your owners fall (literally) in love. Romance everywhere. 5 points for Pongo and Perdita.


Visit a Flower Garden
Todd and Vixie– The Fox and the Hound
Todd and Vixie
Todd brought his date a flower to show off his romantic side. That’s legit. Bringing flowers, or taking it up a notch and visiting a flower garden, is never a bad idea. They smell delightful and they’re there to remind your special someone that you were thinking of them.


Share a Dance
Daisy and Donald Duck
Diasy and Donald Duck
Confession, we dance a lot.  As soon as the music moves us, we just can’t wait to break out our favorite dance moves. We’re not nearly as good as Donald and Daisy, though. They’ve proven that a dance date can be anywhere, and that fancy really is a state of mind.


Long Talks
Atta and Flik – A Bug’s Life

Great talks can make for great dates too, you know.  The object of your affection may not 100% know you’re interested, but getting to know each other is an excellent first step in any relationship. And as far as these two are concerned, we always knew there was romance on the horizon.


Make it a Musical Evening
Duchess and Thomas O’Malley
Duchess and Thomas O'Malley
The sound of the “heartstrings” is what sealed the deal for these two Aristocats. Music lets you share a common interest (or teach someone something new) and bond over the melodic sounds of the harp. Or guitar. Or whatever your instrument of choice may be.


Late Night Stroll
Lady and Tramp

Looking for a great way to relax, get out of the house, and be romantic all at the same time? Well, Lady and Tramp have the solution. Just think about how these two walked paw-in-paw in the moonlight. They strolled through the park, left their paw prints in the wet cement, and generally enjoyed one another’s company.


Just Have Fun
Simba and Nala

These two have known each other since they were kids, so there was bound to be a little playfulness in their budding romance. A date doesn’t have to be preplanned or elaborate to be romantic. It can be as simple as a game of tag. As long as the one you love is near, the rest is just a bonus.


P.S. And after a great date, if the mood strikes you, end it with a little kiss.
Bambi and Feline


And you never know. Sometimes one kiss leads to a lifetime…
The Fox and The Hound


Posted 5 years Ago
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