You know when you’re trying to take a classy picture, or have a private moment, and someone comes along and totally crashes your photo or private party? Well that happens in Disney movies too. And the characters get just as annoyed as you do. Don’t believe us? (How rude!) Here’s proof.

Aladdin’s totally trying his best to get Jasmine to like him, but Genie decides it’s a good idea to turn into a bee.
Kind of hard to be romantic with a bee in your ear! Aladdin is clearly not amused.

Alice totally crashed (literally) this bird’s tree house.
Sure, it was out of her control. But don’t try to tell the bird that.

Ariel and Eric are (finally!!) about to kiss, but those meddlesome eels, Flotsam and Jetsam, have to get in the way.
What. a. disaster. Sebastian just sang a whole song and everything!

Maleficent totally knew she wasn’t invited to Aurora’s first birthday party.
Maleficent_Sleeping Beauty_Disney_Party
But she showed up anyway. Typical villain. Textbook, really.

In Winnie the Pooh, the narrator is doing a fine job of narrating, when, suddenly…
Tigger_Winnie the Pooh_Disney_Party
Tigger interrupts him. Our apologies, omniscient British accent guy, but Tigger was tracking the Backson. Shhh!

This is what it looks like when Alice crashes a tea party.
Mad_Hatter_March_Hare_Alice in Wonderland_Disney_Party
Clearly, she was not invited.

Do not, we repeat, DO NOT try to play hookie when training with Phil.
The result won’t be pretty.

Cinderella, is trying to sleep in. No doubt Lady Tremaine had her up all hours polishing silver and washing the floors.
But the bluebirds just couldn’t wait another minute. However, this is pretty cute. We can’t really complain.

Right before Aladdin and Jasmine are about to kiss guess who comes bursting onto the scene, presumably straight from Walt Disney World?
That’s right. Genie, again. But hey, we appreciate his enthusiasm.

Shang is obviously trying to get down to business (to defeat the Huns).
And Mulan is trying her hardest. But Yao just had to play a joke on Mulan. Not cool, Yao.

Wendy is trying to show Peter what a kiss is.
Tinker Bell is not okay with this.

And these poor flamingo’s were right in the middle of their big harmony section…
Scuttle_The Little Mermaid_Disney_Party
…when Scuttle decided to make this trio a quartet. We’ve never seen angry flamingos. Until now.

A wise man (probably) once said, “Don’t party crash people, it’s not cool.” We’d have to respectfully disagree. While in the moment, a little inconvenient, the laughter will last forever.

Posted 8 years Ago
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