5 Dance Steps We All Could Learn From Kuzco

Wait… what? There’s awesome music playing and no one is on the dance floor? Is that because we’re having a little trouble coming up with quality dance moves to groove? There’s no need to hold up the wall up instead of getting in the game. We’ve gathered some of the Emperor’s best grooves to help out. It doesn’t matter whether the music is in your head or in the speakers, it’s always the right time to move.

Step 1

Kuzco Dance

Walk it out with your hips shaking left to right and your hands following suit!

Step 2

Kuzco Dance

Throw your hands in the air and add in a teensy-weensy hip shake!

Step 3

Kuzco Dance
Shake an arm, a leg, and knee. And don’t forget to throw your head back to the rhythm of the beat!

Step 4

Kuzco Dance

Break out the oh-so-smooth moonwalk!

Step 5

Kuzco Dance

Get to skipping and tapping! And by this time, the dance floor should be catching on to your grooves!

P.S. We wouldn’t be doing this article justice if we didn’t give you a little extra groove from the Emperor’s former Disney Channel show. This dancing is just too good to leave out.

Kuzco Dance

And there you have it. Dancing, courtesy of the Emperor and his undeniable groove.


Posted 5 years Ago
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