Are You Serious, Flynn? We Talked About The Singing Thing.

We have a bone to pick with Flynn Rider. But, before we get there, let us let you in on the background. There’s an understood truth in many Disney movies: singing is a virtual inevitability. It’s clearly what we all wish happened in our lives. It would make things so much more entertaining and infinitely more magical.

Why all the singing? We have to imagine it’s threefold: It’s part of the plot. It helps to further the storyline. And it is just plain fun.

Case in point:

Singing Bert Mary Poppins
We’ve never understood chimney sweeps this well, ever.

Singing Adventure Belle
Simply saying this wouldn’t have made nearly the impact that singing it did. She wants adventure, y’all!

Singing Grandmother Fa Mulan
Plot line accompaniment, thy name is Grandmother Fa.

Singing Once Upon a Dream
It’s like hearing an inner monologue, only 150x better.

Singing Gus and Jaq Cinderella
Plot furthering, storyline furthering, AND general adorableness. Check, check, check. Also, this is Gus Gus and Jaq making their own music to dance to. This one clearly wins.

Point made. Are you with us? Okay. Well, one Disney character seems to have missed the memo. Apparently no one told Flynn about any of this.

In the infamous Pub Thugs “I Have a Dream” scene, he’s asked to sing about his most wished-for life goal. His response: “No, no, no. Sorry, boys, I don’t sing.”

Singing Flynn Rider Tangled

You don’t sing? This is a Disney movie. You sing. We’re singing this article out loud to ourselves right now. (We sound great, by the way.) And even if you’ve never sung a day in your life, when a Pub Thug mime wants you to sing… you belt it out.

He sings later on (very well, we think), so all’s well that ends well. But Flynn had us worried for awhile there. He almost tilted the universe off its axis with that one.

Posted 8 years Ago
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