You Know You’re a Disney Pin Trader When…

If you’re a serious Disney pin trader, you’ll hardly need a list to tell you so. But, it’s fun to read anyways. Let’s do this.


1. You attend Annual Passholder events just to scope out the commemorate pins


2. You stay up nights, trying to decide how you feel about Vinylmation pins


Disney Pin Trading Vinylmation Pin


3. You’re considering upgrading all of your pins to the lockable pin backs, just in case


4. You have a sixth sense. It’s called “hidden Mickey-detection”


5. You trade pins from your local park with your friends overseas to broaden your collection


Disney Pin Trading at Disneyland


6. When you meet a cast member, you look at their lanyard before making eye contact


7. You have at least two pin books: keepers and traders


8. You’re a little disappointed if a new pin doesn’t have a Mickey head backing


Disney Pin Trading Mickey pin backs


9. You’ve gotten a friend to trade with a cast member for you when you’ve already used your two trades for the day


10. You risk missing your FastPass window because you can’t pass up an opportunity to trade


11. You get to the park early so that you get first pick from all the Cast Members


12. You have all of the pins featuring your favorite character. (Shout-out to Stitch!)


Disney Pin Trading Stitch Pins


13. There is no limit to your “Limited Edition” collection


14. You would never miss the Disney Pin Celebration at the Parks


15. You really want to get your hands on a “Cast Exclusive” pin


16. You wish you were younger than 12 so you could make some of those green lanyard trades with Cast Members


Disney Pin Trading


17. You’re proud that you earned a CTT pin (better known as a Continuing The Pin Trading Tradition pin)


18. You would never accidentally mix up your “keeps” lanyard and “traders” lanyard


19. You plan your holiday trip to the Parks around the new pin releases


Disney Pin Trading


20. You jingle when you walk


21. You know when a Cast Member started their shift based on the pins they have left on their lanyards


22. You organize not only by character but also by edition size, year released…


Disney Pin Trading


23. You ask other pin traders if they can remember their best trade


24. Double-wide lanyards, all the way


25. You always keep a “trader” in your car, just in case


BONUS: You still remember the day you got your starter set


Disney Pin Trading starter set

Posted 9 years Ago
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