Imaginary Disney Boyfriend Wish List

Admit it, friends. We’ve all imagined what our perfect boyfriend might be like, and it’s a given that he’d have some of the qualities found in Disney princes (and, more generally, good old-fashioned Disney hunks). Let’s take a closer look at what attributes we’d combine to create our imaginary Disney boyfriend. Don’t judge. We know you’ve thought about it too.


1. Flynn Rider’s smolder.

Works (almost) every time.


2. A slightly-mischievous personality that’s totally heart-of-gold material, like Aladdin.

Riff raff, street rat, we don’t mind that. (Hold your horses! We know that’s not the lyric, but we’re taking some artistic license here. Cool?)


3. The Beast’s brooding and mysterious je ne sais quoi.

beast_beauty and the beast_boyfriend
There’s something sweet, and almost kind…


4. Hercules’ super-human strength.

It would be nice if our imaginary boyfriend could help on moving day by lifting entire furniture sets with minimal effort.  And, hey, if he looked pretty hunky in the process, we wouldn’t hate that.


5. Lumiere’s classy French theatricality.

lumiere_beauty and the beast_boyfriend
How great would it be to enjoy a production number before every meal? Is that too much to ask? We think not.


6. Naveen’s fabulous musicality.

naveen_princess and the frog-boyfriend
Every day’s a party when Naveen busts out his ukulele. Who wouldn’t want to be serenaded by their imaginary BF? (See above).


7. Prince Eric’s eyes.

prince_eric_the little mermaid_boyfriend
Has anything ever been this blue? It’s like we’re staring into heaven. Sigh.


8. Prince Phillip’s smile.

prince-phillip-sleeping beauty_boyfriend


9. Prince Charming’s style.

He looks good in a suit. Important for our imaginary nights out on the town.


10. Prince Edward’s chivalry.

He’s been dreaming of a true love’s kiss. What a coincidence, so have we! Soul mates.


11. Li Shang’s quiet strength.

Also, his abs. Have you seen his abs?


12. Jack Sparrow’s swagger.

jack_sparrow_pirates of the caribbean_boyfriend


13. Roger’s accent.

roger_one hundred and one dalmatians_boyfriend
Everything sounds better in British.


14. John Smith’s sense of adventure.

And hair. How does he get it so smooth and shiny?


15. Mickey’s charm.

If Mickey was our imaginary BF and we got into a fight—we know no one could ever get into a fight with Mickey, but this is hypothetical, so just go with it—Mickey would totally try to make us feel better, maybe with a cute joke and a chuckle. Our hearts would melt and all would be right with the world.


16. Sheriff Woody’s gentlemanly manner.

woody_toy Story_boyfriends
He’s the kind of guy that would totally lend you his coat if you were cold. A gentleman. And those are hard to find these days! Ladies, are we right?


17.  Bert’s . . . everything.

When you’re with a sweep, you’re in glad company.


18.  Thomas’ hat-wearing skills.

Our imaginary boyfriend needs to be able to pull of wearing a beret. Why? We believe the better question is: why not?


19. Milo’s geek chic.

Sure he has huge glasses and wears suspenders unironically, but that’s totally in right now. We appreciate a man with a brain.


20. Robin Hood’s charitable outlook.

He robs from the rich and gives to the poor. And maybe, if he steals some nice jewelry he could just give it us. No? Fine. He still makes the list.


There you have it. Our ultimate imaginary Disney boyfriend wish list. Yes, we know we’ve created so many imaginary attributes that our imaginary BF could never really exist. Sigh. We’ll just have to keep watching Disney movies for our imaginary love life fix.

Posted 8 years Ago
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