Newsies: Amazing 365 Days a Year!

Stop the presses! The cast members of Newsies, the little musical that could, have been seizing the day for 365 days in a row! For reals… today is the one year anniversary of this Broadway spectacular. You’ve come a long way, Crutchie.

To celebrate this very special occasion, we thought we’d point out 10 reasons why Newsies on Broadway is basically the best thing ever.


10. The Newsies take great selfies. Just try to get that many of your closest friends into one photo taken with your right arm, we dare you.

Newsies Friends Selfie


9. You can wake up every morning and blast “Seize the Day”. We promise, it never gets old. #Trust

Newsies Sieze the Day


8. The choreography includes moves like this:

Newsies Electrifying Dancer GIF

Did you just say “Electrifying” out loud, too?


7. The Newsies have their own Photo Booth app. Nobody can argue that a photo like this isn’t an essential item for your Instagram feed:

Newsies Photo Booth Dog Image


6. The Newsies love a parade and we love seeing them in a Walt Disney World parade.


5. Two words: Cat. Memes.


4. Newsies fans are a force unlike any other. Don’t believe us, read the digital papes AKA tweets.

Newsies Tweet


3. Just like real newsboys, the Newsies actually take to the streets. Catch ‘em in Times Square on Good Morning America this Monday, April 1.

Newsies Good Morning America


2. The Newsies are friends on stage and off stage, too. Here they are on a mini vacay in California. How do we get invited next time?

Newsies California Trip


1. Finally, the Newsies ARE one for all and all for one. Seriously. As part of their one year celebration, they made this video just for you… the Newsies fans.


Now if you didn’t get goosebumps watching that, you must work for the Delanceys. Congrats to the Kings of New York!

Posted 8 years Ago
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