Tips on How to Get Out of an Awkward Situation from Sally

Ever been in a really awkward situation without an escape plan? Sally has a fix for that. Let’s take a trip to Halloween Town for some pro tips on getting out of sticky situations with style. (You know, just in case you’re ever on a date with Dr. Finklestein and need an exit strategy.)

1. Picking Deadly Night Shade right before a date….
…Definitely a do. You never know when you’re going to need to put said date in a (temporary) coma.

2. Do NOT be taken in if someone holds your limbs hostage.
First of all, is anything more awkward than someone stealing your limbs? We think not. Second, you can always make another arm, so just let this one go.

3. The flip side of removable limbs?
Just untie an arm to get out of a tricky situation!

4. Identify all the possible exists as soon you enter the room.
This lab may not have any perceivable doors, but we spy a vent on the floor! Perfect to slip through!

5. Consider all hiding places when in an awkward situation.
However creepy. Yeesh.

6. Jumping out the window to escape the awkwardness?
Totally doable when you’re a rag doll. Just remember your needle and thread!

7. When cooking for someone you don’t particularly like…
…you’ll know the brew is ready when a skull made of smoke comes out of the pot.

8. And if said brew smells kind of well, disgusting,  be sure to try the old “cover the poison smell with frog’s breath” trick.
Works every time.

9. And, please, if it’s too bitter from the frog’s breath, add some worm’s wort on top of it!
Now you’re talking.

10. Side note: make sure your guests use their silverware as it was intended and don’t slurp their soup.
This isn’t Beauty and the Beast, after all. Talk about awkward…yikes.

11. Eavesdropping?
sally11_nightmare before christmas_awkward
A must. Remember, you always want the upper hand in an awkward situation.

12. If the weirdo you’ve just gotten rid of starts looking for you, lay low for a while.
He’s bound to give up eventually. Take a stroll in the cemetery, pick a flower, have a vision, you know… live your life.

13. And if he creates a replacement date, just laugh.
Laughing is always useful for a quick subject change or a slow, backwards-walk away from the weirdness.

14. Two words: Fog. Juice.
Who knew, right?

15. And, finally, it’s important to spot non-awkward situations as well.
Like when you find your true love, go get him!

We hope you’ve learned something from these expert tips. Like, you know, don’t leave the house without a big ‘ol jug of fog juice in the future. Food for thought, guys. Food for thought.


Posted 7 years Ago
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