When it comes to the art of exploring, Carl and Ellie are the best of the best. They taught us adventuring on every point of the spectrum, from fort-building in your room to traveling to faraway lands.

Let’s take our cue from the movie Up and add a little more exploration to our lives. So grab your goggles and let’s go:

Up Movie Adventure Carl

Goggles are key to adventuring by the way. Just wait. You’ll see.


Up Movie Adventure Carl

Reason number one why goggles and other protective gear are important. You might run into a roadblock. . . or tree stump. It happens to the best explorers.


Up Movie Carl and Ellie

Carl and Ellie knew the importance of partnerships. Go ahead and start your own club. It’s good for someone to have your back when heading into the great unknown.


Up Movie Adventure Ellie

Seal it with a plan. Magazine clippings and photos are encouraged. It will help you pinpoint where to go and how you’re going to get there. Speaking of which. . .


Up Movie Adventure

Flying your house by balloon is pretty epic. Carl definitely won creative adventuring points on this one.


Up Movie Adventure Carl

Just look at the view. He knew the reward of getting a new perspective when exploring.
It’s good to keep an open mind, especially when you might have unexpected travel partners. . .


Up Movie Kevin and Russell

But Russell and Kevin are pretty awesome travel companions.

Just remember that even the most prepared need a break sometimes.

Up Movie Adventure Russell

We’ve all been there.

That’s why it’s key to have a good guide (dog) to keep your spirits up.

Up Movie Adventure Dug

Yeah, we know. Dug’s the best.


Of course, there comes a time when you’ll have to say some goodbyes.

Up Movie Adventure

But just snap on your goggles (see? they’re important) and you’re ready to set out again.

Up Movie Adventure Carl


Because Ellie’s right. Adventure is out there.

Up Movie Adventure Book

No matter where you are.

Posted 7 years Ago
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