It’s Time for Spring Cleaning

It’s spring. You know what that means… time for spring cleaning. Let’s be real. We all have things we can tidy up or get rid of this time of year, but sometimes it’s hard to figure out where to start. Why not learn from our favorite characters? Here are some practical tips to help ensure your spring cleaning experience is as complete(ly fun) as possible:

Open the windows to get some sunlight:
Spring Cleaning Tangled
A break for daydreaming is allowed.

Dust off all the spider webs:
Spring Cleaning Snow White 2
Especially if they’re on your broom. You’ll need that later.

Make the bed:
Spring Cleaning Cinderella Birds
Birds are clearly the best at this one. (Also, you should maybe be doing this every day anyway.)

Take out the trash:
Spring Cleaning Toy Story
Be careful, you wouldn’t want to misplace any of your toys.

Get your sweeping done:
Spring Cleaning Snow White 3
Under the rug doesn’t count y’all.

Mopping is essential:
Spring Cleaning Beauty and the Beast
The bigger the mess, the more the mops.

Polish the floors:
Spring Cleaning Tangled waxing floors
If you’re getting bored by this point, try skating shoes. There’s no boredom in those.

Do the laundry:
Spring Cleaning- Snow White 1
An outside watering hole will suffice.

Wash the dishes:
Spring Cleaning The Emperors New Groove
Wear a fabulous outfit (complete with accessories) when cleaning. It helps.

Make sure things are clean enough to see your reflection:
Spring Cleaning- Cinderella's Reflection in Bubbles
Side note: bubbles make everything better.

Put everything in its place:
Spring Cleaning Mary Poppins
Singing “A Spoonful of Sugar” is sure to make this part fun. We seen proof.

You’re almost done:
Spring Cleaning Cinderella Mice
This isn’t really a tip. These mice are just here to cheer you on.

When all else fails… magic:
Spring Cleaning- Merlin
Here’s what Merlin says to conjure a little help: “Hockety, pocket, wockety, wask. Abra abra dabra nack…”

And that is how Disney does spring cleaning. If you’ve followed our advice (or rather the advice of our pals), your house should be as spotless as a newborn dalmatian. Good luck, friends!

Posted 5 years Ago
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