Work Tips From Disney Characters

New job? Same job? Hoping to find a job? These Disney characters have your back. They have some stellar tips on how to be a professional and impress your boss.


Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.
Work Tips Prince Ali
Wouldn’t you hire Aladdin in his fancy clothes?


Look the part.
Work Tips Lilo
Briefcases can really help accomplish this.


Rise to the challenge.
Work Tips Mulan
Even when it seems impossible.


Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
Work Tips VanellopeRalph may not always appreciate a barrage of questions, but it’s good to be inquisitive.


Leave quiet space for listening.
Work Tips Dumbo Listening
Take a cue from Dumbo on this one. We’re confident that he’d pick up on subtle things learned over time because he’s not too busy yakking away.


Be organized.
Work Tips Rabbit
Rabbit knows what’s up, guys. A place for every thing and everything in its place.


Have a plan of attack.
Work Tips Catching a Backson
Much like catching a Backson, work requires planning and careful consideration.


Find someone you can look up to.
Work Tips Carl
Mentors are key.


Perfect your introduction.
Work Tips Genie Making An Entrance
You never know who you’ll encounter, and first impressions are everything.


Bringing baked goods never hurts.
Work Tips Princess Tiana Making Baked Goods
For more, see Disney Animated Food We Want to Eat Right Now for ideas.


Never tell a lie.
Work Tips Pinocchio Lies
How embarrassing would it be if your nose started to spontaneously grow at work? For real.


Put care into your appearance.
Work Tips The Little Mermaid Fork Hair Brush
Again, it’s all about impressions. Make sure you dinglehopper your hair. (Are we all in agreement that should also be a verb?)


Visualize success.
Work Tips Honey Drawing Winne the Pooh
That’s how you get the (sweet) reward for your efforts.


Be friendly.
Work Tips Friendly Snow White
Snow White really has this advice on lock.


Never stop learning.
Work Tips Belle and Her Books
You never know what might information come in handy.


Be flexible.
Work Tips Elastigirl


Stand out.
Work Tips Goofy Movie Dance
Even if you’ve gotta shout out loud!


Be prepared.
Work Tips Scar Ready for Action
Scar was a little intense, but his motto = a great work lesson.


Be available.
Work Tips Kim Possible
Just in case someone needs to call or beep you when they need to reach you.

We hope these tips have helped. Good luck, workers!


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