How to Fast Pass the Time

Here’s the deal. It’s 10:01 am and you have a Fast Pass for 10:55 am. Lines are a tad on the long side, so you don’t have time to go on another ride. What do you do? We’ve got you covered. Here is a list of top-notch, OMD-approved ways to pass the time.


1. Gnaw your way through a gigantic turkey leg.
Fast Pass- Turkey Leg
Time consuming, and delicious!


2. Mail a letter.
Fast Pass- Letter Time
This would make you a professional multi-tasker, which, let’s face it, we all aspire to be. Also, how cool would it be to get a letter from Disneyland, right? Right.


3. See where this cave on Pirate’s Cove leads.
Fast Pass- Pirate's Cove
Spoiler Alert: nowhere.


4. Admire the local wildlife.
Fast Pass- Moose
Mooses! Moosi? … Moose. We’re pretty sure the plural of moose is moose.


5. Climb around in this abandoned pirate ship thingy.
Fast Pass- Pirate Ship
And bask in your awesomeness.


6. Wonder whether or not this abandoned train track has always been there…
Fast Pass- Water
…and then wonder how it’s possible that you’ve never noticed it before. Weird.


7. Hoard some (recently un)buried treasure.
Fast Pass- Treasure
Yo ho! Yo ho! Give us all the treasure. Now.


8. See what’s inside this abandoned mine-looking place.
Fast Pass- Mine
Spoiler Alert: something.


9. Climb in this pirate jungle gym, presumably made of bones and skulls.
Fast Pass- Pirate Jungle Gym
Or, you know, maybe skip this one.


10. Ponder what exactly is going on here.
Fast Pass- Explore
Are we going canoeing somewhere to cut down a tree to do some stuff with these other tools, which don’t even know the names of?


11. Pop into this blacksmith’s shop.
Fast Pass- Blacksmith's Shop
Maybe Will Turner will be there!? #swoon


12. Listen to these nice firemen play some music.
Fast Pass- Disneyland Fire Department
And invent a game: spot the dalmatian. (Get it? Cause dalmatians have spots… we know, we’re hilarious.)


13. Get a caricature of yourself.
Fast Pass- Caricature
Bonus points for making a funny face.


14. Wish you had Disneyland’s gardener.
Fast Pass- Disneyland Gardner
Disneyland flowers > other flowers.


15. Daydream about joining Club 33.
Fast Pass- Club 33
Ah, the good life.


16. Take a ride on the DCA trolley car.
Fast Pass- Trolley
Extra points for yelling, “I’m on a trolley!” out the window.


17. Gawk awkwardly at the splendour that is the Animation Building.
Fast Pass- Animation Building
Ugh. So. Gorgeous.


18. Consider opening a vineyard.
Fast Pass-Vineyard
Give up after realizing that you can just come to DCA and look at this one. Way less work.


19. Go see Muppet Vision 3D!
Fast Pass- Muppet 3D


20. Visit Cars Land.
Fast Pass- Cars Land
It. Is. Epic.


21. Get a mint julep and some beignets.
Fast Pass- Mint Julep Bar
Mmm. Beignets.


22. Shoot things at the Shooting Exposition.
 It’s the wildest exposition in the wilderness!
Fast Pass- Games


23. Get a churro.
Fast Pass- Churro
Then do these awesome things with it.


24. Visit Princess Fantasy Faire.
Fast Pass- Princess Fantasy Faire
And become BFFs with your favorite princess.


And just like that it’s time to use your fast pass! Huzzah! You can now be confident that you have squeezed all the magic possible into your trip to the Park. We’re giving you a slow-clap right now. We are. Just trust us.

Posted 5 years Ago
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