Disney Narrators Are the Best Narrators

We love a good narrator. And a bad narrator, as long as we’re on the subject. We like when someone sets the stage and helps us navigate the twists and turns of tales (both fairy and otherwise). Certainly some are more reliable than others, but we’ll take ‘em all. Here are some of our most favorite:

Jiminy Cricket, Pinocchio
Disney Narrators Jiminy Cricket
He’s just so stellar. He’s adorable, wise, and we wish he could be our conscience.

The Rooster, Robin Hood
Disney Narrators Robin Hood
This one sings while accompanying himself on ukulele. Brills.

Meryl Streep, Wings of Life
Disney Narrators Wings of Life

Meryl Streep is the (Academy Award winning) bees knees.

Morgan Freeman, Earth
Disney Narrators Earth

Nothing makes the Earth sound more epic than Morgan Freeman (on top of the fact that the Earth is actually pretty epic all by itself).

Tim Allen, Chimpanzee
Disney Narrators Chimpanzee

This talented talker guided us through the excitement, then heartbreak, then excitement of Chimpanzee.

Kuzco, The Emperor’s New Groove
Disney Narrators Emperor's New Groove
Sure, this guy is slightly less than reliable, but he’s supremely entertaining. And he got turned into a llama. It takes bravery to tell a story in which you end up as a llama.

Flynn Rider, Tangled
Disney Narrators Tangled
He does a masterful job at helping us uncover the secrets of Mother Gothel, the Pub Thugs, and the magic flower. And all that while they still can’t get his nose right!

Narrators, Disney Princess Films
Disney Narrators Beauty and the Beast
Where would we be without their “Once upon a time in a faraway land” or “Cinderella remained kind and gentle” pieces of exposition? Lost. That’s where. We think they have magic within.

Narrator, Winnie the Pooh
Disney Narrators Winnie the Pooh
We can’t help it. We love this one maybe the most. He has an entirely endearing way about him as he tells the tales of Christopher Robin and his best pals. We also love when he talks to the characters to get them to stay on track with the story. So helpful!

Julie Andrews, “Remember… Dreams Come True” Fireworks Show at Disneyland
Disney Narrators When Dreams Come True
We don’t feel like we need to explain this one.

Julie Andrews, Enchanted
Disney Narrators Enchanted
Again, we don’t think Julie’s reading and narrating abilities really need explanation, but let’s just say they’re nothing short of magical. Seriously. That accent alone. We could listen to it all day.

The Muses, Hercules
Disney Narrators The Muses
These ladies take us through the story of Herc, Zeus, Phil, and Pegasus with unmatched musicality and harmony. We just love the Muses so much.

Posted 4 years Ago
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