Classic Little Mermaid Moments

Maybe it’s obvious by now, but we love The Little Mermaid. Will we love it more when the Diamond Edition is released in October? Probably. Because that means Ursula and Flounder and Eric (swoon) will be in HD on Blu-ray. And, well, we prefer our princes in HD.

In anticipation of said release, here are the moments we love, no matter what edition they’re on:


1. When Flounder is a guppy.

Little Mermaid Flounder is a guppy
Embrace your guppy-ness, Flounder. There are sharks afoot (afin?).


2. When Ariel doesn’t show at the big concert and King Triton is like, “ARIEL!”

Little Mermaid King Triton
And we’re like…she is in trouuuuble.


3. When Scuttle goes into vocab teacher mode.

Little Mermaid Scuttle
We learned so much. He could practically have his own dictionary.


4. When Ariel just wants to be our friend.

Little Mermaid Part of Your World
We want that too. We can teach her how to walk. She can teach us everything else. (Coiffure skills, perhaps?)


5. When Ursula uses some sea flower as lipstick.

Little Mermaid Ursula
Why can’t flowers be used as lipstick in real life?


6. When Ariel flips her hair.

Little Mermaid Ariel
That’s some sparkly water.


7. When Prince Eric and Max have a cute moment…

Little Mermaid Eric and Max
…and our love for both becomes non-negotiable.


8. When Grimbsy does everything.

Little Mermaid Grimsby


9. When Chef Louis is incessantly distracted by a crab.

Little Mermaid Chef Louis
Let it go. Just let it go, Louis.


10. When Scuttle attempts a solo in “Kiss the Girl”…

Little Mermaid Scuttle singing
…and the flamingos are NOT having it.


11. When Eric tries to kiss the girl.

Little Mermaid Kiss the Girl
We wish.


12. When Ursula/Vanessa reprises “Poor Unfortunate Souls.”

Little Mermaid Ursula
Chills. We had chills.


13. When Ariel hugs Triton.

Little Mermaid Ariel and Triton
And we all start to tear up.


14. When Sebastian admits he’s gonna miss Ariel.

Little Mermaid Sebastian
So. Many. Tears.


15. When all the mer-people come to the wedding, and wave, and there’s a rainbow, and our hearts almost explode.

Little Mermaid finale
Okay, seriously. Can someone pass us a tissue?

Posted 9 years Ago
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