Disney Characters With Mad Glasses Style

Whether you wear them to make the picture a little clearer or to rack up the style points, we’re fully in support of hipster glasses. With an overwhelming amount of styles to choose from, let us do what we always do when faced with a decision… look to Disney characters for advice, guidance, and inspiration:


Carl Up

Nothing says hip like Carl’s giant square frames. Our love for Carl just went Up. #punalert


Moppet Girl

Moppet Girl

These pink-tastic frames on the Moppet Girl from Wreck-It Ralph get a hearty two thumbs up. They’re functional (it’s really hard to dominate at video games if you can’t tell Felix from Ralph) and fashionable (pink, guys). Form and function! You fix it, girl.


Sticky Webb

Sticky Proud

Penny Proud’s pal really knows how to coordinate an outfit. His shirt goes with his jacket. And his jacket goes with his frames. It’s a regular blue party up in this photo. They also have that “a little lower than the top of your nose” look pretty much on lock.


Toby the Turtle

Toby The Turtle

Spotted: One shy turtle sporting some bold coke-bottle frames. If we’ve learned anything from the hipster movement, it’s that grandpa style is always in. (Bonus points for really driving the look home with a hat.)



Dodger Oliver and Company

Old-school classics never go out of style, and these shades are no exception. They 2.0 his street savoir faire in a major way. Oh Dodger, why are you so dog-gone hip? (Sorry, we had to.)

With that, we’re off to buy some shades so we can look cool in the sun. And the shade. And other places. And in general.


Posted 8 years Ago
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