Clutch Characters: Nala Edition

We have a soft spot for clutch moment characters. These are the men, women, and animals who come through just in the nick of time, just when the story (or the protagonist) needs them most. The first prime example of the unsung savior is Nala from The Lion King.


Nala begins the story as a friend of Simba’s, one who went with him on adventures and helped him sing his ever-epic “I Just Can’t Wait To Be King.”
The Lion King Young Nala and Simba


While they’re little, she does demonstrate her ability to be totally fun yet totally bold and strong. (Remember when she says “pinned ya again”?)
The Lion King Young Nala and Simba 2


But then, when Simba is forced out of the Pride Lands, he leaves her behind. And meets Timon and Pumbaa, who tell him that he needs to adopt a Hakuna Matata attitude and live life without worries.
The Lion King Hukuna Matata 1


But then, when the Pride Lands are in jeopardy because Scar is being Scar (he’s the worst), Nala sets out to find food and runs into Simba.
The Lion King Nala and Simba Reunion


But then, when she says she’s going to tell everyone where he is, Simba isn’t having it.
The Lion King Simba and Nala Reunion 2


Then there’s the “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” moment.
The Lion King Can You Feel The Love Tonight


After this point, Nala lays down the law. And tells Simba that he’d better step up and take his place because Pride Rock needs him.
The Lion King Nala


Simba resists.
The Lion King Simba


But she won’t let him. She tells him about responsibility and the fact that he’s not the Simba she remembers if he’s going to act this way.
The Lion King Nala 2


Rafiki certainly plays a part in the next sequence of events, but sufficed to say: Nala’s speech and connection to Simba’s past sends him back to the Pride Lands to fight Scar and take back the kingdom that’s really his.
The Lion King Pride Lands


And then, of course, they fall in love and here’s the bottom line: the Circle of Life begins again.
The Lion King Nala, Simba and Their Little Cub


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