An Open Letter to Pollinators, in Honor of Earth Day

Dear Pollinators (aka bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, and bats) of Wings of Life fame,

We heart you. Without you, Earth wouldn’t exist. Seriously. We literally wouldn’t be able to survive without you. And so, since today is Earth Day, and with the help of Disneynature, we’re going to call out just why we’re so crazy about you.

This flower is gorgeous.
Earth Day
Thanks to you.

Oscar and his family have food to eat and trees to climb in.
Earth Day
Great job on that one, pollinators.

Sita couldn’t cutely jump from tree to tree without you.
Earth Day
Cause there literally would not be trees. Another win.

Would the wings of these flamingos be quite as crimson?
Earth Day
Frankly, we doubt it.

We’re not experts on the Ocean, but we feel like you probably do something Ocean-y too, right?
Earth Day
These weddel seals would like to personally thank you. Through us. Those are their “thank you” faces.

These elephants walking across the Earth during the sunrise (or possibly sunset) are majestic.
Earth Day
We’re sure your existence contributes to theirs.

This giraffe is wandering through flooded terrain just to get over here to thank you.
Earth Day
Also, he’s cute. So you get bonus points.

This nature photographer taking a picture of these bears, and the bears getting photographed, both owe a lot to you, pollinators.
Earth Day
And you, dear reader, owe a lot to us. Because that description was META.

We’re back to Oscar. Who definitely couldn’t be this cute without you.
Earth Day
Your existence means he’s surrounded by his jungle home.

Kali couldn’t be the ferocious leader of the River Pride without help from his pollinator friends.
Earth Day
And we feel good about that. It’s the circle of life.

So, thank you, pollinators. This Earth Day we salute you.
Earth Day

Do you heart pollinators as much as we do? Then you should probably order Wings of Life. It will blow your minds, guys. #Truth

Posted 4 years Ago
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