When it comes to dreaming, there are lots of places to turn for inspiration. Recently, though, we’re really into the inspiration of one Princess Tiana.

Sure she had a few detours along the way, but even from the very beginning of the story she knew what she wanted out of life. She had a “reach for the stars” kind of dream and she knew she needed hard work to make it happen.

Here are some of the dreaming-related lessons we learned from Tiana:


Don’t doubt the importance of a support system.
Princess Tiana Hugs
Tiana knew her father’s dream was to open a restaurant, and she knew her mother was behind her all the way.


Experience is essential.
Princess Tiana Working Hard
Working in the diner gave Tiana a solid foundation in what it would take to really achieve her dream.


Wishing upon a star never hurt.
Princess Tiana Wishing
We sometimes forget this as adults, but believing can make the difference.


Work hard. Very hard.
Princess Tiana Working Hard 2
And then work some more.


Princess Tiana and the Frog
Tiana didn’t count on falling in love, and she didn’t count on that frog thing we mentioned either. But when was the last time everything went exactly according to plan?


Be open to advice.
Princess Tiana- Mama Odie's Advice
Other people know a thing or two that you don’t, and you can’t possibly learn every lesson yourself. For reference, see: Mama Odie.


Never give up.
Princess Tiana Frogs
Even when you’re turned into a frog and things look a little less than ideal.


Now go. Dream. Do it. And remember… you’re almost there!
Princess Tiana GIF

Posted 4 years Ago
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