While we were thinking up acts for our fantasy music festival lineup, we got to thinking about how much we want to go to a concert and see a band made up entirely of Disney characters. We mean… don’t you?

Louis the Alligator on the trumpet
Disney Music- The Princess and the Frog 3
Who doesn’t love a jazzy alligator?

Animal on the drums
Disney Music The Muppets
He was the only choice. Clearly.

The alley cats on brass and bass
Disney Music The Aristocats
Because everybody wants to be a cat.

Pub Thug on piano
Disney Music Tangled
He has a dream, and we think he’s got it!

Duchess on harp
Disney Music The Aristocats 2
For a touch of class, of course.

Allan-A-Dale on the ukulele
Disney Music Robin Hood
No band is complete without one. Duh.

The newt on the flute
Disney Music The Little Mermaid 2
And his friend…

The carp on the harp
Disney Music The Little Mermaid 1
It worked in “Under the Sea,” didn’t it?

The Muses on backup vocals
Disney Music Hercules
Our obsession with them continues. For obvious reasons.

Princess Tiana on lead vocals
Disney Music The Princess and the Frog
Have you heard “Almost There” recently?!

Sebastian as conductor/band manager
Disney Music The Little Mermaid 3
He’s got what it takes to be the glue of the whole operation. You know he proved his abilities in The Little Mermaid and so do we.

Now all we need is a venue and someone to work the lights. We’re thinking of Louis’ friend Ray…
Disney Music The Princess and the Frog

Posted 4 years Ago
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