Need a little more Disney in your day? OF COURSE YOU DO! Here’s how to do your day the Disney way!
Wake up and watch an uplifting video to get you up to speed. Something with a catchy beat and words you want to sing along to. We recommend Hakuna Matata.

Get some fashion inspiration from your favorite Disney characters. Guys can learn a thing or two about fashion from these Disney dudes. Girls, take a cue from Tink:

Head to work/school/Disneyland in your car which should definitely boast a Mickey car antenna topper.
Disney Day Mickey head antenna topper
Proceed to listen to more Disney tunes on the way to work.
Disney Day, Newsies soundtrack
Enjoy your morning coffee from your favorite Disney mug.
Disney day Mickey shorts mug
Let your favorite Disney characters remind you why you’re great.
Surround yourself with Disney “flair” to always be reminded of your favorite films and characters.
Disney day desk flair
Eat as many Mickey-shaped foods as possible.
Disney Day Mickey head desserts
Tell passengers in your car to keep all hands, legs, and arms inside the vehicle at all times.
Disney day, Autopia at Disneyland
Whistle while you work.
Disney day Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
End every phone call with “have a magical day!”
Disney day Mickey phone
See what’s new on OMD (obviously).
Let your conscience be your guide (of course we mean Jiminy Cricket).
Burst into spontaneous song.
Disney Day Enchanted
Look for hidden Mickeys wherever you go.
Disney day hidden Mickey
Stage your own afternoon parade at 3pm sharp.
Disney day Disneyland parade
Make a Disney-inspired recipe for dinner like Walt’s chili.
Finally, end your day with your favorite Disney movie.

Posted 4 years Ago
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