The Lizzie McGuire Movie: This is What Dreams are Made Of

Confession: We heart The Lizzie McGuire Movie. For reasons. To (mis)quote the (brilliant) song from the movie, it is the stuff of our dreams. Here’s why.
Reason #1: The opening title sequence
The Lizzie McGuire Movie- 1
Admit it. We’ve all danced around our rooms, lip-syncing while getting dressed. Right? We know it’s not just us.
Reason #2: Miss Ungermeyer
The Lizzie McGuire Movie- 2
This lady tells it like it is. She scores a 10 out of 10 on the sassiness scale that we just invented.
Reason #3: The Paolo/Isabella Storyline
The Lizzie McGuire Movie- 3
Who hasn’t dreamed of going on vacation to Italy and getting mistaken for a super famous pop star?
Reason #4: The part where Lizzie gets waited on hand and foot
The Lizzie McGuire Movie- 4
Do we really need to say that we wish this was us? From this point on, just assume that we wish we were Lizzie.
Reason #5: Gordo and Ethan’s bromance
The Lizzie McGuire Movie- 5
Unlikely friends are the best kind of friends.
Reason #6: Kate and Lizzie becoming friends
The Lizzie McGuire Movie- 6
Kate finally acted like a real person! We totally felt for her! This was a big moment for us, guys.
Reason #7: When Lizzie’s family comes to Italy to help her
The Lizzie McGuire Movie- 7
They’re the greatest. Though we don’t know if we’d want to be on a 15 hour flight with Matt. Just sayin’.
Reason #8: When Lizzie walks the red carpet
The Lizzie McGuire Movie- 8
Ugh! Guys THIS is what dreams are made of. Our dreams, obviously.
Reason #9: Lizzie’s signature dance move
The Lizzie McGuire Movie- 9
It’s kind of a cross between a shimmy and some other move that hasn’t been seen before. She invented a dance move, guys. You better believe we attempted to replicate it at school dances. We were that cool.
There you have it. Nine reasons why The Lizzie McGuire movie is the greatest. We dare you not to re-watch it. (You will lose this dare.)

Posted 4 years Ago
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