Ten Terrifying Disney Villains GIFs

Disney Villains are kinda known for being scary. We’ve gathered together some of their most frightening GIFs, because we apparently love to give ourselves nightmares.
Hey, remember when Jafar became a really scary genie and almost destroyed the world?
Jafar Villains GIF


Frollo just set Esmeralda on fire. He literally set her on fire. We can’t even handle this. (Don’t worry, Quasimodo does an epic rescue and saves her life. Bam.)
The Hunchback of Notre Dame Villains GIF


That moment where the Evil Queen wants Snow White’s heart in a box.
Evil Queen Villains GIF


We have no words for this one. The Horned King is the scariest thing ever.
The Black Cauldron Villains GIF


Maleficent (super scary) turns into a fire-breathing dragon (super DUPER scary) and makes us terrified of purple and green.
Maleficent Villains GIF


It was hard to choose the perfect moment for Ursula because she’s creepy pretty much all the time. But we think that time she became a giant octopus lady takes the cake.
Ursula Villains GIF


Scar jumping out at you from a pit of fire? Please give us a kitten to hug.
Scar Villains GIF


Things that haunt our dreams: this.
Chernabog Villains GIF


This is unconventionally terrifying, but watch Gaston go through 5 emotions in 5 seconds.
Beauty and the Beast Villains GIF


Those eyes. (Shudder.) Just look at those eyes.
One Hundred and One Dalmatians Villains GIF


Well, we thoroughly scared ourselves writing this article. To make it better, here’s a GIF of Simba sneezing. You’re welcome.
Simba Sneeze VIllains GIF

Posted 4 years Ago
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