We always knew Belle was super smart in a books kind of way, but we’re starting to notice she’s also pretty clever in the looks kind of way. Let’s see what we can learn from Belle’s school of fashion.


Keep It Simple

Fashion tips, belle from beauty and the beast
If you’re just going out for a normal day in the village to run some errands, there’s no need to reinvent the fashion wheel. Ponytail, little-to-no makeup (we don’t see any blush, do you?), and some functional flats are all this girl needs for a day of running around.



Fasion tips, Belle and Beast from Beauty and the Beast
Check this out: girl has her dress matched with her cape matched with her ribbon matched with her lipstick. The thing is, she pulls it off like such a pro, you probably didn’t even notice until we mentioned it. Choose your favorite color and just go with it!


Half-up/Half-down Hair Can Be Formal

Fashion tips, Belle and Beast from Beauty and the Beast
You don’t have to have bushels of carefully curled tresses or an elaborate updo to attend a formal event. She just had the fanciest date of her life in a half-up/half-down bun with a demure gold hair band and totally rocked the look.


Hair Ribbons

Fashion tips, Belle from Beauty and the Beast
Can we bring this back? It adds so so much pizazz to an otherwise boring ponytail. Match it to your frock and boom! You have an instant signature hairstyle.



Fashion Tips, Belle in book shop
We know that aprons aren’t necessarily for everyone, but hear us out for a second. Aprons are super functional, and are always there when you might need them for cooking, crafting, or eating. No more getting food on your lap! Okay, maybe they aren’t the most fashionable accessory, but Belle really makes the apron look good.



Fashion tips, Belle and Beast from Beauty and the Beast

Belle has a cape for every outfit, it seems. A stylish alternative to the jacket, it has a vintage vibe, and is also very practical with its hood and blanket possibilities.



Fashion tips, Belle and Beast dancing
It’s not very often that you see elbow-length gloves these days, and we really want to change that. So elegant and sophisticated, plus they keep your hands clean! Not necessarily an everyday item, a Belle fashion fan could still somehow work them into a formal outfit.


Be YourselfFashion tips, Belle reading
No matter how much the townspeople said that Belle seemed “strange,” she kept doing her thing, and that is always in style. Forget the trends, just be yourself!

Posted 8 years Ago
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