We Want to Be in the Tank Gang

The Tank Gang from Finding Nemo is legit, guys. We really want to join the fraternal bonds of tankhood. And here’s why:

Gill is there.
Finding Nemo Gill
His super deep, gravely voice makes everything sound like advice we didn’t know we needed.

Things like this happen there.
Finding Nemo Mount Wannahockaloogie
And also there’s Mount Wannahockaloogie.

There are bubbles.
Finding Nemo Bubbles
Chill, guys. And we already know those are his bubbles. (We’d find our own.)

Peach is there.
Finding Nemo Peach
And we’d like to be her friends.

Jacques is there.
Finding Nemo Jacques
He cleans everything. And we have uses for that.

Nigel visits a lot.
Finding Nemo Nigel
And that is awesome.

They have all mastered the shocked face.
Finding Nemo Tank Gang Shock Face
Color us impressed.

They give out super cool nicknames.
Finding Nemo Tank Gang 
Sharkbait, oh-ha-ha.

They are so supportive and welcoming.
Finding Nemo Tank Gang Colorful
Have you seen that tank? Talk about colorful.

And they stage breakouts. (Spoiler alert.)
Finding Nemo Breakout
We like that kind of boldness in our friends.

All in all, there’s nothing we want out of friends that these guys don’t possess. We want in, and we don’t care who knows it.

Posted 4 years Ago
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