There’s a reason why we love Pixar films. Each one seems to capture a moment or an experience in life and puts it on the screen. Big things like childhood and parenthood. Love and goodbyes. And small things like cherishing a favorite toy and tripping over a joke to make a new friend.


Here is a list of life moments as seen through Pixar. Take note: this list could have gone on for years.


Enjoying Playtime – Toy Story

Pixar Toy Story

Childhood is nostalgic. And every Toy Story movie knew how to capture that.


Making Friends – A Bug’s Life

Pixar A Bug's Life

Everyone feels like the odd man out at some point. Sometimes with a rock metaphor, sometimes without. But learning how to make friends is one of those life-growing things.


Finding Your Niche – Monsters, Inc.

Pixar Monsters Inc.

It’s hard figuring out your place in life, especially when you’re a natural comedian and your job is in the scare business. It feels good when you finally find your spot.


Escaping The Fast Lane – Cars

Pixar Cars

There are moments when you get steered off your Life Plan. But if you didn’t, you’d never land in Radiator Springs and meet Mater. Okay, that’s just what we wish would happen.


Appreciating Family – Brave

Pixar Brave

It’s inevitable. At some point you will realize how much mama bear loves you. And papa bear and baby bears too.


Falling in Love – WALL•E

Pixar WALL-E

Oh that crazy thing called love. We hope everyone has a spark like WALL•E and EVE.


Embracing Parenthood – Finding Nemo

Pixar Finding Nemo

Having children means sometimes swimming halfway across the ocean. Completely worth it.


Bonding With Your Family – The Incredibles

Pixar The Incredibles

The Incredibles really raised the bar on family-bonding time.


Revisiting Your Passions – Ratatouille

Pixar Ratatouille

There are few things better than discovering and pursuing what you truly love. Just look how happy Remy is.


Staying Young – Up

Pixar Up

We know. This makes us feel a lot of feelings too. But when it comes to staying young together, Carl and Ellie are the best.


Posted 4 years Ago
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