The Best Cure For A Sweet Tooth

Ok, we confess. We pretty much want candy at all times. All day. Every day. Our minds are racing just thinking about sweets. Lollipops. Gumdrops. Gummy everything. We have it bad. When we think of these things, our smiles grow from (Mickey) ear to ear. The only way to adequately express our excitement is to take a little trip to Sugar Rush. Spoiler alert: THE CANDY IS ALIVE.


Candy GIF 1

Mmmm. Bouncing gingerbreads, jawbreakers, and peppermints! The thrill of the big race sure is exciting.


King Candy Words GIF

#ThanksKingCandy. If candy showers happened at every racing event, we would certainly attend more.


Candy GIF 9

If only we could climb candy trees all day. That would be a totally #SWEET.


Candy GIF 2

We not so-secretly get to bouncing around for these excited candies and candy corns, too. Join us, won’t you?


Candy GIF 10

Vanellope’s hood is made out of a waffle cookie. And her backseat is missing a corner. (We swear we didn’t eat it. Promise.)


Ralph Sour Bill

“Sour Bill” might just think twice before following Ralph around. Though, we can’t blame him. Sour candy? Yes, please.


Candy GIF 6

Love us some lollipops!  We’d be thrilled to have a whole crowd of these around. All day.


Candy GIF 8

Way to wreck-it, Ralph. That’s how we feel about not being able to visit Sugar Rush in real life.

Posted 4 years Ago
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