Disney Movie Items We Need to Be Real

The world of Disney has brought us some pretty magical stories, people, and places… basically lots of magical nouns. The only problem? Most of it is stuck in the make-believe movie world. While we can’t do anything to bring magic carpets to our local car dealership (devastating), we can sit and dream about the Disney movie items that would be the best to have in real life. You know, in case anyone ever asks.


Fairy Godmother’s Magic Wand
The Fairy Godmother does some pretty amazing things with this wand – turning pumpkins into carriages, rags into ballgowns, mice into footmen, etc. While we’re not totally sure we’d be able to operate it without being Fairy Godmothers ourselves, we’re certainly willing to try. #BibbidiBobbidiBoo


This is a dangerous one because Flubber does get a tad out of control in the movie. That said, we’re big lovers of silly putty and feel ready to take things to the next level. We’ll be (as) careful (as possible).


Magic Mirror
We know this sounds a bit creepy, but the Magic Mirror only seemed evil because he served the Evil Queen (evil by association?). The Magic Mirror is simply a truth-telling, all-knowing dude, and if he was hung in our house, he’d be put to good use. We might say, “Magic Mirror, will the lines at Disneyland be shorter tomorrow or Friday?” or “Magic Mirror, which Disney movie would make us laugh the most right now?”. It seems like a great partnership opportunity.


Sugar Rush
Sugar Rush is a world full of candy. Literally everything is made of candy. Everything. We rest our case.


Dancing Brooms from Fantasia
If we could have these brooms help us clean, life would be much easier. The only problem? They are a tad unpredictable. They do this dividing and multiplying thing that would be great if they obeyed us and disastrous if they did not. #BroomsOnTheLoose


Talking Cats/Dogs/Animals
Disney movies are chock full of talking creatures and we’re jealous. Do you know how long we’ve dreamed of knowing what our dogs were thinking? Or being able to have a conversation with a local bird about our troubles? This a a Disney movie convention that would change our world for the better, even if the thing we heard the most out of our dogs was:


This one is kind of a given, obviously we want Genies to be real—we’d just like to skip the whole near-death in the Cave of Wonders thing to get one.


Mary Poppins’ Carpet Bag
Like Mary Poppins, this magical carpet bag is practically perfect in every way. Not only is it completely shabby chic, the movie tells us that it can hold a hat stand, giant mirror, fern, lamp, magical tape measure, and then some. Bonus: When someone besides Mary looks into the bag, it appears empty. This is an excellent anti-theft system.


Electromagnetic Shrink Ray from Honey I Shrunk the Kids
We’re not saying that we necessarily want to have the shrink ray turned on us, but there are several things around that we wouldn’t mind shrinking. Besides, if we ever happen to be on the lamb (Robin Hood style), the best place to hide is probably between blades of grass … as long as those terrifying ants don’t show up. Maybe we’re rethinking this one.


Snow Globe from The Santa Clause
“Seeing isn’t believing, believing is seeing.” – Judy the Elf
We haven’t SEEN this magical snow globe in real life, but we BELIEVE it could happen. We really want it. Every time Charlie shakes the snow globe, he gets to see his Dad (also known as Santa) right away. This is definitely going on our 2013 Christmas lists.


Angry Eyes
Being a Mr. Potato Head has unique challenges, but we’re jealous of the ability to have the perfect expression in your back pocket (or inside your potato body). To get specific, we think we could put the angry eyes to great use. Fear us. Be intimidated by us. (As long as we’ve packed our angry eyes, that is.)


Wardrobe from Beauty and the Beast
The wardrobe (also known as Madame de la Grande Bouche in the stage show) is great. Our dresser at home doesn’t do much but store our somewhat-folded clothes, but if we had our own MDLGB, she would pick out the perfect outfit for us, for any occasion. Said outfits would be handed to us, pressed and perfect, along with some great advice and companionship. Bonus: she really gets feisty at the end of the movie and we’d feel safer with her on our side.


Brass Bed from Bedknobs and Broomsticks
Thanks to Miss Price, this bed can travel wherever the Rawlins children need to go. Not only would it be more comfortable than any car/bus/train/plane we’ve experienced, but we could nap on the way to wherever we’re going. All the time.
disney movie sleepy


Fix-It Felix’s Hammer
Fix-It Felix’s hammer is perhaps the ultimate Disney movie item we need to be real (except for Genie we suppose, because we could wish for the hammer plus two other things). An entire apartment building gets destroyed in the movie, repeatedly, and all that is needed to fix it is the hammer. If we had one, we could be top-notch craftsmen by day and superheroes by night. On top of that, if any destruction is caused by the other items we discussed (shrink ray, rogue brooms, etc.), the hammer could repair it immediately. #PerfectSituation

Posted 4 years Ago
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