How Simba Got His Groove Back

The Lion King begins with Simba declaring that he just can’t wait to be king. And we’re totally on board. “He’s gonna be the main event, like no king was before!” We shout from our rooftops. Then some feels happendon’t even get us startedand Simba runs away from his Uncle Scar and his problems, literally and metaphorically. But, in the end (though he had us worried there for a minute) Simba totally becomes the king we all knew he could be, the king we saw inside. So how did he do it? He got his groove back, of course. Like this:

First, he made friends with these guys:
The Lion King Pumbaa and Timon
A great move. Has there ever been a duo more fun to hang with? We doubt it.

He changed up his diet.
The Lion King Simba 7
It’s important to eat a varied and balanced meals when getting one’s groove back.

Wait. Stop. Can we just take a moment to admire Simba’s awkward teenage hairdo?
The Lion King Hakuna Matata
Amazing. Ok, now we can move on.

Then, he decided to live by Timon and Pumbaa’s motto:
The Lion King Simba 5
Hakuna Matata. Ain’t no passing craze.

He experimented with different looks.
The Lion King Simba's Hair
It’s just a phase. It’ll pass. (We assume this is what Mufasa is thinking from the stars.)

He never forgot where he came from.
The Lion King Simba 3
This just got deep. Le sigh.

Then he sort of did this combination sigh/plop down on the ground thing, which sent some magic dust…
The Lion King Rafiki
…to Rafiki, who realized that Simba was alive!

Then Nala showed up.
The Lion King Simba and Nala 3
And she and Simba did the cutest. head bump. ever.

There was a musical interlude.
The Lion King Simba and Nala 2
And we totally felt the love. (Tonight.)

But then Nala pretty much laid down the law.
The Lion King Simba and Nala 1
…Simba would have gotten there eventually, but this a movie, we don’t have all day.

And then, Simba had his “aha” moment.
The Lion King Simba 3
He wasn’t acting like his father. He was acting like a coward, guys.

He still blamed himself for his Mufasa’s death!
The Lion King Simba 2
At this point, we just really want to give Simba a hug.

Thank goodness Rafiki showed up!
The Lion King Simba and Rafiki
Getting one’s groove back is a team effort. Seriously.

But the final push for getting Simba’s groove back came from his father.
The Lion King Mufasa
Wise words were spoken. (Because Mufasa is the greatest.)

Aha moment number two!
The Lion King Simba 1
You can almost hear him thinking, “I have to go back!”

And go back, he does.
The Lion King Pride Rock
And he saves the day!

And that, friends, is how Simba got his groove back.
The Lion King Simba GIF

Posted 9 years Ago
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