A Princess and the Frog Song For Every Mood

We love a good Disney song (read: all Disney songs). Each one has something different to offer and we find ourselves humming them pretty much 24/7. Today we’re focused exclusively on the songs from the Bayou because we’re in that kind of place. Here are some of our fave songs from The Princess and the Frog, broken down by the mood they best embody:


Inspired: Almost There
Princess and the Frog Almost There
We’re never as motivated to be productive as when Tiana sings this. Also the visual of her in an old school restaurant with elbow-length gloves and back-up dancers is almost too much to handle.


Curious: Dig A Little Deeper
Princess and the Frog Dig a little deeper
Our love of Mama Odie is already out in the ethers. This song will send your toes-a-tappin’ and your soul-a-searchin’. Plus, girlfriend can really carry a beat.


Romantic: Ma Belle Evangeline
Princess and the Frog Ma Belle Evangeline
Oh, Ray. You’re in love. With the evening star. It’s so pure and chaste and … sigh.


Hopeful: When We’re Human
Princess and the Frog When We're Human
Dreams, dudes. Dreams. This song makes us reach higher for ours. And wish that Louis could be a human so we could hang out with him. He seems fun.


Scared: Friends On The Other Side
Princess and the Frog Friends
*shudder* Dr. Facilier has serious skills in the dark arts of devil dealings. (We’re simultaneously high-fiving ourselves for that alliteration and being afraid of this song.)


Hoedown: Gonna Take You There
Princess and the Frog Take You There
Before you judge, sometimes we’re in a hoedown mood and nothing else will do. This song really comes through in those situations. Sometimes it even puts us in that mood when we didn’t start there. Now that’s a song.


Familiar: Down In New Orleans
Princess and the Frog Down in New Orleans
This song makes us feel like we’re sitting down to a table with our closest friends to eat delicious food and retire to the porch swing. We’re relaxed and lulled into contentment every time.

Posted 7 years Ago
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