BFF Qualities From Disney BFFs

In order to qualify for the second F in BFF, a friend has to be something extra special. You know, the kind of person who will surprise you with Mickey pancakes for breakfast (because it’s Mickey) or even hold your hand as you scream through Space Mountain. Our favorite movies are filled with characters who should get an A+ in BFF because they embody some of the very best qualities that a friend could possibly possess:


Guidance – Mowgli and Baloo

Thanks to Baloo’s guidance, Mowgli found out what it’s like to live life in the jungle and how to pick a prickly pear with a paw (tongue twister alert). A lesson about the Bare Necessities brought these two (and Bagheera) together. Nothing bonds friends quite like life lessons.


Individuality – Lilo and Stitch
Sometimes it takes a friend (read: alien) with a big personality to make you realize that who you are is just fine. Ever heard that expression “march to your own beat”? We think it’s right. We also think that a true BFF is one who hears the same beat and dances to it in their own way. Also these two look awesome in these sunglasses.


Bravery – Ariel and Flounder
Flounder was a bit of a scaredy cat (scaredy fish?) when it came to the unknown, but he didn’t hesitate to drag Ariel all the way to Price Eric’s wedding ship in an attempt to foil Ursula’s plan. (Spoiler alert: it worked.) Without Flounder’s bravery, Ursula could be ruling the sea, Ariel would still have no voice and… we don’t want to think about it anymore.


Spirit – Timon and Pumbaa
Any problem can be made easier when you mix in a good spirit with a Hakuna Matata attitude. You could say that these two have spirit in spades. And, if you did say that, you’d be right. Spirit comes in handy for fun and for moments in which what your friendship really needs is for you to distract an enemy by dressing in drag and doing the hula. #JustSaying


Caring – Penny and Bolt
Having a shoulder (or a paw) to lean on is pretty much the best. Especially when you are feeling blue. When Penny was down and out, Bolt was right there by her side. And he looked downright adorable while he was doing it. So there’s that.


Motivation – Rafiki and Simba
Fun Fact: Rafiki means “friend” in Swahili. And Rafiki is one of the the best rafikis out there! He knew that all Simba needed was a slight bonk on the head (and a mysterious appearance from Mufasa) to motivate him to take his rightful place as King.


Sharing – Winnie the Pooh and Piglet
The whole Hundred Acre Wood gang really knocks this BFF quality out of the park every time Pooh is in need of a little something sweet. If we had a nickel every time he asked someone for a smackerel… well, we could buy him some.


Assistance – Russell and Carl
The thing about help is that the best kind is often the kind you didn’t know you needed. Like Russell and Carl. It’s a good thing Carl finally let Russel into the house as it was being carried away by balloons. He may have been a reluctant BFF at first, but he came around.


Advice – Jiminy Cricket and Pinocchio
We’ve already covered how we wish Jiminy Cricket were available for our advice needs. It’s because sometimes we all need somebody to steer us in the right direction. Also a BFF in a top hat gets extra points… just because.


Faith – Dumbo and Timothy Q. Mouse
A BFF of Timothy Q. Mouse proportions (figuratively, of course, since he’s real little) recognizes that sometimes someone else having faith in you is what it takes for you to have faith in yourself. Dumbo is ashamed of his ears, but Timothy tells him that “the very things that held you down are going to carry you up and up and up!” And he was right.


Encouragement – Bambi and Thumper
A little encouragement goes a long way. Thumper helps Bambi learn to walk (“Kinda wobbly, isn’t he?”), talk (“Bird!”), and hop over a tree stump (“You can do it. Hop over it, like this!”). That’s a lot of encouragement in one entirely adorable and precious friendship.


Support – Cogsworth, Lumiere, and Beast
When Beast needs help figuring out how to woo Belle, he turns to his super supportive enchanted objects. Cogsworth chimes in with “flowers, chocolates, promises you don’t intend to keep.” Helpful and funny. And with great ideas.


Teamwork – Mike and Sulley
Teamwork makes for a scary awesome (see what we did there?) best friend situation. These two are the duo to beat because together their talents are that much better. Even their colors work in perfect harmony!

Posted 8 years Ago
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