Please Enjoy These Beautiful Fantasia GIFs

It’s the middle of the week, and we have a feeling we’re all a little bored of staring at computers, cubicle walls, white boards, etc. What is the cure for this midweek problem? We recommend you take a few minutes to luxuriate in the visual delight that is Fantasia. For real. We used the word luxuriate, so clearly this is serious.

Tiny dancing mushrooms covered in bubbles! Sold.



There’s water. There’s brooms. There’s Mickey. This craziness can only be The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.

Mickey Mouse in Fantasia GIF

Brooms from Fantasia GIF


Mickey shaking hands with Leopold Stokowski. Almost too much cool for one GIF.

Mickey Mouse shakes hands in Fantasia GIF


This is a dinosaur being used as a slide. #Awesome

Dinosaurs in Fantasia GIF


Tiny unicorns. We have no words.

Unicorns from Fantasia GIF


Actually, we found another word: SWIMMING. Tiny. Flying. Horses. Swimming. Mission accomplished, Fantasia.

Horses from Fantasia GIF


We can’t imagine how surprised we’d be if this happened to us. (Hint: pretty surprised.)

Elephants from Fantasia GIF


This is seriously impressive.

Hippo from Fantasia GIF


Chernabog is kind of super terrifying, but we couldn’t talk about Fantasia without mentioning this guy.

Chernabog from Fantasia GIF


The best part about Fantasia? There’s a sequel, obviously. #EvenMoreGIFs

Posted 6 years Ago
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