The Lizzie McGuire Middle School Survival Guide

Ah, middle school. Gone were the days of having one nice teacher and doing P.E. in your regular school clothes. Middle school brings class schedules, locker rooms, changing friend dynamics (we’re looking at you, KATE), and (gulp) the first school dances. This three-year humiliation obstacle course is really just a microcosm for the real world, no?


Luckily, when we at Oh My Disney were in middle school, we had Gordo, Lizzie and Miranda to see us through the tough times. We loved (Lizzie + Gordo 4ever), we laughed, and we learned a lot of valuable lessons:


Look for your hidden talent, even if it’s something unexpected like ribbon dancing or chin-ups.



Try to get a good picture in the yearbook for people to remember you by.
… this will be harder if Kate is the yearbook editor.


When in doubt, add a little flair to your hair.


… but, never forget that true beauty comes from within. If you do forget from time to time, Gordo will remind you.


Don’t try this parental negotiation tactic:


Do not, we repeat, do not, wear the same outfit as Kate on school picture day.


… lest she hire Ed to spill paint on the outfit you did chores for all summer.


(Little did Kate know that Lizzie was willing to take the hit for Miranda.)


When running for class president, it’s really hard to beat the guy who offers to eat a worm for every vote.
lizzie mcguire worms


If you have a crush on someone, it’s best to use flashcards to memorize your talking points beforehand.


Find yourself a Miranda and a Gordo.


And remember—there are few problems in the middle school world that a conference call can’t fix.

Posted 7 years Ago
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