Moms are amazing. Moms are great. And these moms deserve (the below-mentioned, OMD-invented) awards…


Best Multitasker
Disney Mom- Perdita
99 puppies. 1 mom. The math pretty much does itself, no?


Most Likely To Save The World
Disney Mom- Mrs. Incredible
“Leave the saving of the world to the men? I don’t think so.”


Most Enthusiastic
Disney Mom- Mrs. Banks
She sings and dances and marches around the house! If we needed help getting people pumped, we’d definitely ask her.


Most Supportive
Mom Awards- Dumbo- Mrs. Jumbo
We’re not crying. There’s just something in our eyes.


Most Likely To Get a Record Deal
Disney Mom- Duchess
Have you heard her sing?


Most Likely To Win in a Fight
Disney Mom- Mrs. Potts
She’s sneaky crafty, guys. Need we remind you of the scene involving her pouring hot water on people? #ouch


Most Patient
Disney Mom- Queen Tangled
She waited a whole movie for her daughter to come back. And she did. Patience is a virtue, peeps.


Best Voice
Disney Mom- The Princess and The Frog
One word: Oprah.


Most Impressive
Disney Mom- Sarabi and Simba
She birthed the jungle king. We bow down to you, Sarabi. Also, and perhaps more importantly, she did that whole standing up to Scar thing. Legit style.


Best Duo
Disney Mom- Hercules 1

Disney Mom- Hercules 2
It takes two totally fabulous ladies to raise a demigod.


Most Likely to Channel Rage Productively
Disney Mom- Emperor's New Groove
She funnels her rage into cleaning. We’re making a mental note of this for our lives.


Most Understanding
Disney Mom- Brave
*Spoiler alert* Her daughter turns her into a bear, and she still loves her. Now that’s motherhood.


Most Ladylike
Disney Mom- Lady and her pups
Okay. We had to. But also she’s great. And her kids look just like her.


Best Gift Giver
Disney Mom- Toy Story
She gave him Woody and Buzz. And all the others. It’s like she’s a gift savant.


Best Hugs
Mom Awards- Tarzan- Kala
Kala has lots of clearly great qualities, but we feel like her hugs are chief among them. She takes Tarzan into her arms and just envelopes him in a snuggle. We know the technical term is bear hug, but we feel like we should start a new one: gorilla hugs. Help us?

Posted 8 years Ago
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